Mini12864 display was connect when i installed firmware.bin

First of, i got my first movements out of my MPCNC! I’m really glad, but now for the issue i’m having:

So i didn’t read the following section good enough and made the mistake of leaving both grey display connecters plugged in while flashing the firmware of my skr turbo board.
“Make sure to unplug both grey exp½ cables for the screen before proceeding.”

Now the display is not responding (stays dead, no lights, no sounds, no display) when powering on the board. How can i resolve this issue?

Thanks a lot!

I would be very thankfull i someone can give me some more information. I actually fear the display is not compatible…

Yikes! Two things: I moved this to the MPCNC forum from the MP3DP forum. Second: I’m admittedly not the guy to answer your question directly. You probably want @vicious1 or maybe @jeffeb3 or @jamiek. The first is V1 Engineering, the others are some of the more prolific and technically adept volunteers.

Where are you finding guidance to unplug exp1 / exp2 cables when flashing? I had not heard about that before. Maybe there is a chance the upgraded firmware does not connect to the mini12864?

What firmware are you using and I am not sure that display is set up for any of our firmware. Neither of those are “officially” supported.

Hello, the guidance is here: SKR Pro - V1 Engineering Documentation


For the firmware is used the " " package.

When searching the source code for “mini12864” i get a lot of results, which tells me the display should be compatible.


My crucial mistake here was the i did not unplug both grey exp½ cables. Can i somehow reverse this?

Thanks for the help!

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Unplugging the gray cables just helps the skr not get distracted while it is flashing. I actually remember that it had more to do with the tft firmware getting stopped or screwed up mid flash.

But, I can confirm it should not hurt your screen or board to leave them connected. You just might get a failed flash.

The display settings are in the configuration.h file. You probably need to disable the one we use (rep rap discount full display or some similarly terrible name) and enable the mini. Just because the code is there does not mean they are all cross compatible. Marlin works with dozens of boards. But I bet it will work.

Sorry you didn’t get much help the first time. The skr turbo isn’t the most common board here (it isn’t supported by Ryan) and the screen is even less common.

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Thank you for your answer. The screen settings in the configuration.h + an incorrect firmware were the causes of my problems. Now I have a working MPCNC :grin: My goal now is to attach a lasermodule to it.