MillMage - lightburn's CAM

No time stamps but there is a demo at the last half of Jason’s Keynote.

Has rest pocketing (clear out the bulk, change to small diameter).

Shooting for Q1 launch, beta testers needed soon.


I hope it’s good. The more I learn about lightburn the more I like it

@bitingmidge must be sleeping over there on the other side of the world. I know he will be excited to see this lol


The biggest win here is a CAM that works on Mac


Is it just me or does the video start after the keynote?
Clicking on the livestream video only lets you rewind to after the keynote.

Maybe it will be available after the livestream ends

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Ugh. I just replied to the old thread. Lol


Yep, it was 2:00 am after all.

Whether it starts after or not, I haven’t been able to find a clip.

“MillMage”?? what does that mean? (Why do I look for a meaning in everything?)

Maybe the combination of Mill & Image? :man_shrugging:t2:

Well spotted! I could only find gaming references (which I didn’t understand either!)

I sent them an email. We will see if they say anything back LOL

I wonder how one gets on the beta test list…

I saw @Bigchepin post on the other thread which said to email support if you are interested. I sent them an email. Now just have to wait to see if i hear anything back LOL

I assumed it was mage as in wizard. Plus the word Mill for milling.


I would have hoped for something like lightcut instead of lightburn :wink:


Heck yeah, that’s a good one and on brand.

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Got an email back from them. I have been added to the list to contact for beta testers.


Same. :slight_smile:


I sent them an email, but got the following response: "We’ve logged your request, and will be contacting those selected for beta access in groups from advanced, intermediate, through to entry-level users in groups. "

No promises made! Well, life is suuuper busy these days, so I don’t have much time honestly. But I really really like the thought of a lightburn-esque CNC experience.


Anyone know if they are bringing over the rotary axis from lightburn?

that is the email I got back. “thanks for signing up… don’t call us, we’ll call you.”


I have no info on this other than there is a ton of overlap, and while it might not be there at launch, I am sure it will get there eventually. Jason is a pretty heavy CNC users so I am sure he has put some thought into it. He showed me a bunch of CNC pictures and projects he as made with them. He started using and building them before me.