Milled/Printed 3D Printer with 200x300mm heated bed?

I have a 3D printer already that was big enough to build the parts for the MPCNC
After building my MPCNC I bought a 200x300mm heated bed to make it a large 3d printer.
I like the idea of a bigger “dedicated” 3d printer as I want the MPCNC to be “dedicated” for engraving/lasering.

Now, I am about to start printing the MP3DP- Milled/Printed 3D Printer as this looks like a great option as a second larger printer.
I see that the MP3DP was designed for a 200x200mm bed.
I would like to use my 200x300mm bed instead of a 200x200mm bed.
With that being said, my questions are:
-Would it be better to lenghten the platform or extruder carriage linear rods to meet the new size?
-If I used the bigger bed, would I just make that axis 100mm longer(rods, wood frame and belt)?
-I also thinking of making it dual extruder, if I did, would I then add the width of the extruder/stepper to the 100mm I already added in last step?

Any info/suggestions would be helpful to make the frame proper size to fit this heated bed.

I hope this is in the right category, if it isn’t then I apologize.


300mm, There really isn’t a super easy way to do it. I would suggest the Y axis. Beside longer rods and belt you need to extend the side pieces 50mm in both directions. Not too bad but not a quick change.

Dual head, Bowden setup would be Pretty simple might fit as is. If you want 2 direct drive extruders you need to extend the X axis the length of your second extruder on both sides. Belt, rods, front and back piece, and the large face plate.

So at that point you would be altering all the dxf’s.

Adding it all on 1 axis seems easier but you would have an axis with, I am guessing, 200mm extra length. Not Ideal.

Might as well use the MPCNC for the big stuff and use the other printer/s for the smaller things. Tough call.