Middle pushing-pulling one side more than the other?

Hello all i have a little problem with my MPCNC the center/Middle piece the one that holds the multitool it wobbles and it keeps/pull the conduit/tube off of the other end see on the video i believe thats the X rail which is getting stuck when the Y axis is running, i was just wondering did i print them wrong or i forgot something too tight too loose?


Not sure what you are trying to show. With it powered off it can move. When you power it on and start your gcode it will lock in place. Square it up and run the crown gcode and see if there are any issues.

I don’t see any problem in the video. If you just move it by hand so it is pretty much normal that things won’t stay aligned.

As long as this doesn’t happen when you are actually powering up the motors then you’ll be just fine.