middle assembly bearing gap

Hi all,

I’ve noticed I have one bearing in my middle assembly that doesn’t contact the rail (see pics). details of the build / things I’ve checked so far:

  • printed parts purchased from Ryan
  • conduit measures ~23.3mm; have rotated, but no contact made
  • machine size ~ 30"x 30" x 3.5"
  • diagonal measurements within ~1/16"
  • all tension bolts are loose; perhaps there is some combination I can tighten to adjust this?
  • square as far as i can measure
is there anything else I can check? this is the only bearing that I can tell is not contacting the rail. It's not the end of the world, but it does account for some slop when the machine is cutting in the y-direction.



Probably tighten the long bolt a touch. Won’t need much.

i gave that a try, tightened incrementally until it was all the way snug (didn’t crack the plastic :P) but still the bearing was loose.

success! i slightly tightened “tension bolt A” on that side, as well as rotating the bolt and nut on the problem bearing a bit (maybe they were a little eccentric, or the plastic had a blemish?) and that snugged it up. thanks @Barry for the reply, i appreciate it.

I am having the same issue except I have tightened tension bolt A as much as possible. I snugged the bolts for the other two bearings as well. Slight improvement, but still play. I also replaced the bearing that was installed in tension bolt A. No improvement. One thing I noticed is that the bearing is snug when sliding it into the 3D printed part for tension bolt A. Wondering is I don’t need to shave some material off the 3D printed part to allow for more adjustment to the tension bolt A?