Metal XZ Plate Hole Issue

Hi all,

I am a newbie from Turkey. Maybe there are other guys from Turkey as well in the forum. I started to build LR3 as a new hobby in my spare time after my Ph.D. studies. I finished printing some parts and purchased a lot of materials. However, I had to outsource metal XZ part from a local manufacturer. Although I sent the DXF files provided by Ryan to the company without any modifications, there seems to be a sizing problem with the holes in the produced parts. Why did I come across such an issue? How can I fix it?

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I measured both 4 sets of holes and they are way bigger than the intended.

The drawings have two diameters drawn - the reason was answered in this post when I asked a similar question (before having them made thankfully!) - the larger diameter is for a countersink when using a thicker plate.

The holes you have are probably 7.2mm diameter and they should be 3.2 - in your shoes I would print a couple of small cylinders of those dimensions use enough perimeters so that you have a solid part, and use them as spacers. That’s probably not the optimum solution, but I suspect it will be good enough.


I wish I had read the thread before manufacturing. Holes are around 7mm. I am gonna print 100% infill shoulder washers as a workaround. I hope it works.

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Don’t feel too bad, I did’t catch it either, the lady in the manufacturer’s office asked me about it… :sweat_smile:

Tip of the day: Check the entire forum before assembling any part :grinning:

There are quite a few people following that advice. :slight_smile:. Unfortunately, we just keep adding more.


More is good, but some things are hidden in plain sight I think.

In a perfect world, as soon as anyone sees two concentric circles on a proposed milling job, they should stop immediately and ask. In the meantime, perhaps we should consider offering two versions of the plate design, one with and one without, with an explanation on the two!

Especially a shop that specializes in making cnc cuts for people.


As you said, they supposed to stop and give me a call. Perhaps it would be wrong to expect a reasonable action from an unreasonable person. Two versions should be offered to avoid confusion. BTW, I am worried about the rigidity of the 3D-printed shoulder washer.


Here is a post from a CAD guy on the Autodesk forum. It seems that nearly 99% of all men suffer from the same problem. :grinning:

I would think if you epoxy glued those printed shoulders in, they should be OK. Another possibility would be to use metal spacers as shoulders. Since most people cannot weld aluminum, then I would still again think of epoxying them in.

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3d printed spacer with washers will work just fine as long as the washers are bigger than the hole. It’s just holding the bearing block.

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I’d add that IMHO epoxy isn’t going to be doing anything as the spacers are held in position by the washers and the block respectively.

I think I was not considering exactly what the given holes are supposed to be doing. :slight_smile:

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Enlarging the bearing block’s hole was an option at first glance, but later I realized it was a riskier one.