Max Size 3D Printer

What is the largest you can make the mpcnc as a 3d printer. I will be building it with an mk8 style extruder, and on the size tab of the site, it says no longer than 1ft. Thats still big for a 3d printer but I was sort of wondering why there is that limitation. Does it have to do with bigger prints warping a ton or what? I am looking for a print size of around 25cm x 35cm y 10cm z, so pretty big for a 3d printer. Was wondering if this was possible.

Have a second look at that paragraph, 8"max for an MK extruder, Shorter would be much better. X and Y as long as you want.

The Z limitation has to do with the weight of an MK acting as a pendulum and forcing you to print very slow to maintain accuracy.

Oh wow, can’t believe I read that wrong. I will make my z about 5 inches which seems to be short enough to print at a decent rate. I will use this printer to make another mpcnc which will cut carbon fiber and aluminum, in which case the z will be very short, with only 1 inch of travel.

Sounds perfect…or…You could go nuts and just drill through the bottom of the feet, make holes in your table and make you while machine adjustable with legs you can move. I haven’t tried this yet, Easier for me just to run a few machines but I do have a ton of ding and dent parts to work with.

Would this improve rigidity enough? I just wanted a seperate machine because the routers are quite loud and the cutting makes a big mess, especially CF. My printer one will go inside while the router one goes in the garage. Is it better to have a short gantry or short legs? Or is it mostly about the end of the endmill to the center of the gantry?

I don’t think I described it clearly.

Either way 2 machines is best, purpose built.