Matt's 2nd MP3DP Repeat V4 Build

I really enjoyed building my first MP3DP and then rebuilding it when Ryan released the V4. It has also been such a good printer to use. So I decided I should build another one! This time I made it 6" taller to give it room under the build area where I could put the electronics and hopefully some clean looking wiring.

I also plan to add a 7" TFT screen that will run an Octoprint plugin for Octoprint control and display. I am not sure which plugin is best for that yet.

The only thing I have left to order is a heated bed. I am not sure if it is just me, but I am struggling to find a good source for a heated bed. Does anyone have recommendations for a 220mm x 220mm 12V heated build plate?

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Aliexpress shows:

base plate
build heater

“good source” ?

I don’t think you need the base plate. That looks like the support plate for an I3 style build. The MP3DPv4 plate is different, and best cut on your CNC.

I used one on my build. From bottom up, my MP3DPv4 has the following:

  • MP3DPv4 mount plate
  • Insulation
  • Heater
  • Aluminum Build plate
  • magnetic build plate

To me, the heater and the magnetic build plate were too flexible. You could possibly use just the MP3DPv4 mount plate as your build plate if you made it large enough to support all 4 corners of the heater and whatever top plate you went with.

In those two links you provided, if i chose the “build heater” option then I wouldn’t need the base plate. The build heater seems to already have the aluminum plate, right?

Also, it doesn’t have a thermistor included…

This is what I bought before for my first Repeat printer and it works great, but sadly it is no longer available and can’t find another amazon equivalent.


Actually… maybe this one? I have a feeling it won’t be the flattest but it is something.

Already considered 24V or mains? Here’s my stack layout…

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So you’re just gonna come in here and non-chalantly drop that link we’ve been waiting on like nothing out of the ordinary happened?!?!




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DM me your address and I’ll send you a thermistor you can solder on the plate if you choose to get one without. There are may different ways to connect the motors to the base and then the heated bed. I used 20/20 extrusion in a “T” shape with a wood sheet and then the heated bed and then a magnetic releasable top. The wood has channels for the electronics and it serves as an insulator since we are not getting to temperatures where it will combust.

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I had some extra .090" thick stainless steel sheet laying around at work and I was able to waterjet out the bed plate. Turned out pretty good. I will gain a few millimeters in the Z and it should look a little sleeker.

I am hoping to put more time into the build this week. I really only need to finish the wiring and then I can print my first part. Wiring is just the most time consuming and tedious part.


It has been a slow build, but it is just about done. Everything is plumbed up and running, just needs to be cleaned up now.

I did get a “thermal runaway” error during a test print yesterday though. Any thoughts to why that may happen?

That takes watching the printer closely. Usually either the hot end or bed is not keeping up.
Make sure to run the PID calibration on the extruder. If that does not fix it watch it print for 5 layers or so and watch the temps one will either over shoot a lot or be low constantly.

Side note starting a new kind of thread if you want to take a look, Help develop the next MP3DP!?!


Really happy with how this one turned out. Runs great!

Just in time for V5 to come out :rofl:


Before someone points it out, yes I am getting around to securing a longer bowden tube. This is just what I have available at the moment.

A project is never truly finished.

I was trying to get it done before you finished this one :wink:.

I hope 5 is good enough to get you to switch!

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Oh yeah I will definitely be making the V5. I am following closely.

I plan to take apart my first V4 and use its SKR, hemera, power supply, and motors. Going with 300mm cubed will require a new bed and linear rails but I’ll atleast save $$ on some of the components.

I put a 7" touchscreen on my new V4 and installed OctoDash. I have to say, I am really liking the OctoDash plugin. It works very well.