Maslow4 Kickstarter Video

Already blown past their goal, expecting many backers appreciate the upright design, and positive impact their Ukraine donated machines will have. Curious what speed, accuracy, depth of cut they’re able to get.


He was saying the accuracy issues are gone, if you want more accuracy, you just make the arms further away from the material. I think he said it needs 1 foot away to be good. Those belts hold it on crazy solid since they are steel so I suspect it can go fast!

I need to watch that video.

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Just realized Bar Smith (Maslow creator) also lives in Seattle area. Would love to see their setup, really like the idea of seeing many CNCs being given to Ukraine asap.


Field trip!


525$ is also a pretty great price.


Wow, that is lightyears past the original design with Counter weights!!!


In the orig design they have 2 bricks, I assumed that was to hold the router on the table.
But now is see they have 4 belts, so i am guessing that the bricks were actually to put the downward load onto the two chains.

wow that is a nice design, it looks like the excess belts wind up inside the “platters”.

The bricks served those two purposes, keep the bit in the material and tension on the chains. The previous version had a tilt limit, the new one I think can technically be vertical now as the steel belted belts provide plenty of downward/holding force.

Or horizontal even… Neat to see Maslow experimenting with making no table an option. Epoxy anchored mounts, hopefully quick disconnect if car/tools share the same space. This option would help reduce time/material to bootstrap and use. Need a planar surface like a decently poured garage/workshop floor. This approach could be useful for providing good enough surface, to cut good enough parts, for a more permanent bench/stand…

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Hot glue down a waste board and it is an easy solution. It is fun to watch the progression.

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Or portability, use styrofoam! That is a mobile cnc!!! Anyone say floor inlays :slight_smile:

Has already been done: :smile:

$25K :anguished:, hopefully the 1.25hp Makita is included. Man, at that price I shouldn’t have to manually level the corners.

Sounds like someone should start selling V1 frame kits for $24,300 and throw in a carbide burr.

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It should really be possible to offer it for much less.

I have one for $22,999 if you’re interested.

Don’t try to lowball me. I know what I have

  • Exciting info about laptop grade UL power supply. Especially selected for belt 'n brace prevention of voltage spikes killing controller/drivers.
  • Custom Steppers with 8mm lead screws (1 start) for Z axis.
  • Switching from brass leadscrew nuts. Instead using POM nuts, self lubricating, low friction. Thermoplastic stiffer than Nylon.
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Like the PS…for sure we have never really had issues even with non-UL ones.

1 start z , that seems like it is going to be slow, but I think the Z is pretty short so not a huge deal. Tiny stepper as well.

I wonder what the POM cost, we have issues with people complaining about the Z dropping already, make it even more slippy, I will never hear the end of it. I do think the POM are the better option, but it seems people around here like a little friction.

I can’t wait to see how that things ends up looking!!

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As I have one of the original Maslows, I am a backer for the new model. I’ll keep up posts here once I get it and start using it. I’m a bit excited about it!!

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Also FluidNC for the control board, with some changes to the webUI that seem nice! can’t wait!