Take a look at my latest project - Mancala.

This was a pretty fun one, and I sent the board to my mom. Hopefully she doesn’t find this before it arrives on Friday :laughing:

Made with Walnut and purple heart. It is about 5" x 16"

Pockets were done with a Whiteside 1406

You can get these glass bead things at the dollar store

Finished with butcher oil (like you would a cutting board).

See my troubleshooting thread here

Was anyone able to guess what I was making?


There are so many wacky and wonderful things made here i gave up guessing and just enjoy the show its unbelievable. Very nice by the way beautiful and fun. :sparkles:


Wow, that was totally worth the effort, that look flawless.


Looks amazing! All her friends maybe coming to you soon asking for their own


Amazing job! I had to lookup what “Mancala” is!

Mancala (Arabic: منقلة manqalah) refers to a family of two-player turn-based strategy board games played with small stones, beans, or seeds and rows of holes or pits in the earth, a board or other playing surface .


I see you are a man of taste as well. :smile:

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I like mancala. It is a common copyright free game (sold alongside checkers, backgammon, cribbage boards). We played it a bunch while traveling. The kids also play this when they have “math game time” at school.

When I saw your test cuts I thought, “They should make mancala”


Another one!


Looks like you might need to make a few spares for etsy.


Thank you for the wonderful compliment. I made an Etsy, but haven’t really put the time or this on there yet.

I do need to get on that though. My wife can’t take any more wood knick-knacks I keep making. “Stop making me stuff, I don’t want anything”

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If it makes money or not I think it is a great outlet for creativity and should at least self fun your projects. I like to make stuff to learn but if I had things piling up I would not keep making them long. Worst case is you keep making things and hear the glorious…“I want one of those”.


Great work, it looks amazing! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at some trays and such, so I appreciate you posting your troubleshooting thread as well.