Makita tool clamp no longer grips

I had to emergency stop a simple wood milling job due to my MPCNC Primo Makita Rt700(X) clamps no longer holding the router tight; the router very gradually slid through the clamps whilst in use.
It seems that after a couple of years use, the two PLA clamps (45% infill) have somehow deformed so that the two end faces where the bolt goes through are now touching …see in the two photos.
This is still the case when the router is inside the clamps, with barely any space to tighten effectively.
Would the visible hair line cracks in the clamps cause this deformation? Or does PLA stretch/deform over time? Anyone got any idea please?

Yes, both.

Cracks means it has gotten brittle, and creep does happen over time. Small fast print, best to just replace it. If you need to keep using those you can add a small shim and keep going.

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For a temporary fix while printing new ones, maybe a strip of thin rubber between the router and clamp, both for shimming and for grip.

Thanks Ryan for your reply. That has confirmed my thoughts. I have just finished printing off new ones!

Thank you Tom, that’s a great idea for a temp fix.

Inthe years ive used mine i have had to replace the claps 2 times since the beta tests. I can’t remember how ling ago that was now but time and pressure does not make PLA into diamond :heart_eyes: But it is cheap to replace :neutral_face::sweat_smile:

Edit :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face: to close to dinner time spelling is wors tha. My usual

Thanks Tim, yes, cheap fix. Just struggling now to get the new clamps fitted; when screwing up the bolts they keep pushing the nuts out of the nut traps…aggghhhh!!

I’ve used a tiny dab of superglue in a few spots with mine. It’s not enough to hold anything in place long term, but it means you can get enough force from the bolt into the nut to start the thread if it’s not perfectly lined up. Could also try wedging the nut in place with toothpicks or something, hot-glue or even heat-staking it slightly with a soldering iron. Lots of options!

Jono, Great ideas here! Thank you. Superglue is the way to go I think…

Hope that helps. If you’re still having issues, it may be because the screw isn’t lining up with the nut quite right and the face of the screw is contacting the face of the nut rather than the threads. It may just need the screw hole cleaning up or widening slightly with a drill bit or something.

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Thanks Jono, Superglue got it sorted!..:slight_smile:


Just found this online:

I might give this a go next time.