machine time

I probably have something wrong in the settings, but should this job take 20 hours? Seems like no matter what tool i use to cut it, it is showing around 20 hours of cut time…

its 12 inches wide and about 10 inches tall, and the blue area is only 3mm deep. should have added that lol

You have a 5% stepover, try 45%. Make sure you use a finishing pass as well.

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that cut it down to 3 hours lol thank you. do the other settings look correct? i left everything default as i don’t know much yet :D. and im not sure i can attempt a tool change and a finishing pass at the moment lol, im not that advanced.

Not really. How big is your machine, what material are you cutting? Z step down is too high, feedrate is probably too high, Plunge is too high, Linear pocket isn’t ideal. Have another look through this page.

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i didn’t see that page, thanks alot!

A lot of good info thanks, what method of pocketing do you prefer if not linear? ( i know its going to vary between jobs). I tried to preview parallel but it freezes up the program trying to compile all of it haha.

Peel, Is usually the best pocketing strategy.
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