MAc conenctivity issues

Pretty frustrated so far… My build is done and have to work in the garage… and it is a sauna over there… Anyway

So i did download this SCH341 driver from the chinese website. Installed. And the machine was able to connect the mac to the mpcnc. That was yesterday.

After that I installed InkEscape (and Quartz as required). Try to connect again, and simply can’t connect anymore.

Tried re-installing 10X the drivers, reboot after reboot. Tried removing the inherent securities in El Capitan, without luck. Simply can’t see the driver from the chinese.

Tried to install in Parallels, same issue.

Any ideas how this could happen? Yesterday was working just fine, today, can’t connect. I think the problem is in my mac.

Thoughts, appreciated.

I have more issues than you my doesn’t move when you get an answer please share it with me.

well… tried the board in different computers etc… and doesn’t work. if you have a pc, try installing the drivers with the board connected. if the board is ok, it will say that drivers were installed correctly. if your board is bad, will say something like the drivers are pre-installed. This is my rudimentary test cycle.

so, i concluded the arduino is faulty. it powers up, but it doesn’t connect.

I am installing a rumba board that took from other machine because has issues with the heated bed. so i will be using that for now. connected and seems to work fine.

hope this helps