M221 code on TFT35

Any chance we can collaborate to get this M221 error message wiped out of the TFT firmware? I have no idea how to compile a firmware but perhaps you could indicate how to and I will be happy to take it.
…Or let me know if you are planning to review the TFT35 firmware one of these days… :wink:
Thanks for any help Jeffeb3. I know your participation in this forum is totally altruistic. I appreciate this very much.

I’m pretty sure the v1 version isn’t sending M221.

This is the V1 version we are having issue with…


If the V1 version is the one dated 7/29/20 like BIGTREETECH-TouchScreenFirmware-1-Vx.x.26.zip, then I believe it still has references that send M221 at these locations:
line 361 interfaceCmd.c
line 49 SpeedControl.c
line 59 Speed.c
line 274 StatusScreen.c

It should be safe to “nuke” M221 from all of those occurrences, the only side effect would probably be that Flow will always show 0% when the Status Screen toggles between Speed/Flow every 2 secs.



Ok. I can’t look at it now. If you wanted to push this ahead, a github PR would be the best. I will set a reminder to look at it when I get through my current crunch.

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Would be amazing if someone could finally fix this issue. Its the only glitch I have with my mpcnc.

Chaos, Patrick, gcormier,

I don’t know much about GitHub or doing a PR. So I downloaded the source code
“BIGTREETECH-TouchScreenFirmware-1-Vx.x.26” and made modifications that should eliminate all sending of M221 codes, then compiled a TFT35 E3 V3_0 binary file.

NO M221 BIGTREE_TFT35_V3.0_E3.26.x.zip (106.9 KB)

From photos above I believe that’s the model you guys are using.
Please try it and see if it fixes your problems, I don’t have an E3 display to test it on.
Good luck


See my post