LR3 survives falling roof

A few moments ago my patio cover collapsed from I assume all the weight of the ice.

Most importantly, nobody was hurt.

LR3 was left on the table and it is slightly damaged but I brought it inside and it is probably 95% recoverable. :+1: :+1:

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Oh man that suuuuucks!

Oh wow so sorry!

Looks like the Z bracket was broken and a cosmetic ding on the YZ plate. Maybe replace the coupler, probably not.

That’s the only damage I can find. The mounting board for the electronics is intact but it fell off, and the electronics look completely fine by appearance.

Of course, once it’s fixed, I’ll have nowhere to put it for a while…

That’s crazy! Glad everyone was save and only minor damage to your LR3

No one was hurt. The LR is fine…

Had to do it. I hope you can rebuild it. Stronger than before.

Firstly, I’m glad all is OK.

Secondly WHAT!!! Snow and ice is not like the brochures describe.

All the best with the reconstruction.

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You know living in MIchigan, it is so hard to think that ice and snow can cause the stuff I have been seeing on the t.v. But, I guess, if you are not used to it.

Oh noooo
Glad no one got hurt and sucks your shelter spot is compromised.
It’s been a odd year for weather and snow.

That cracks me up.

My sister lives in a ski town up in the mountains. They can easily get 25" of snow in one night. Removing snow from roads and parking lots is a bigger hassle than trash pick up. The snow doesn’t melt until the “mud season”, so there is just massive amounts of snow that need to be moved (by dump trucks) to places to store it until spring. Even with all of that, I would not hesitate to live there. It is beautiful.

We don’t get it that bad here in Denver. It usually melts the same week, if not the same day. But we have had a cold and snowy January.

Our building codes include preparation for very high winds (low overhangs, hurricane straps, etc) and a few feet of snow on rooftops (they are built for large load capacities for this reason). Code isn’t always enforced though either.


I think some of it is also just concentrating events in time.

If we assume tree branches are not anyone’s fault, then if we had lots of ice every year we might see a small percentage of branches fall every year (or even every month during winter). If we go a long time with no ice then when ice does happen we see a larger percentage of branches fall all at once, and those branches are bigger when they do fall.

In my case, the patio cover is not designed well for heavy ice/snow loads, and if we regularly accumulated months worth of snow, there is a good chance it could have fallen in the first year.

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I’ve never seen snow fall. It’s one of those things that I really should address before my travelling days come to a close! :wink:

In my experience and humble opinion, during the actual falling of the snow (if it isn’t in blizzard conditions - meaning really windy), it is one of the most peaceful times I have ever experienced. It is super quiet, and the snow helps to dampen all the surrounding noises. Really very quiet and peaceful!

It is the aftermath of the snow falling that I absolutely despise - snow shoveling, melting/refreezing, all the dirt that gets stuck to it as it melts/refreezes! No thank you! Zero Stars - Do Not Recommend!!!


Agreed. Snowfall is best enjoyed through double (or triple) paned windows, with a warm beverage, and perhaps a cozy fire off to the side. Woke up this morning to -7F with highs probably no higher than 10F. First I sent some very strongly worded complaints to management, then reminded myself that I work from home, and don’t have to actually go out and experience that particular version of hell…

edit: Also sent thoughts and prayers to my kiddos, who are students. The youngest is still in HS, but has to drive, and therefore hike across the student lot, and the eldest at uni. That has few, if any, interconnected buildings. And he’s only 20-30min south of me…

There is no bad weather. Only bad gear. With the right clothes, riding on a ski lift while the snow accumulates on your shoulders is serene. Add in the anticipation of skiing through fresh powder and the complete relaxation (due to exhaustion) of your body. It is an incredible luxury.

At the end of the day, drinking your preferred beverage while soaking your muscles in a hot tub, with snow falling on your hair and good company. It caps the perfect day.

Driving in the snow sucks though. As well as any time you don’t have the right gear. I would take cold and snow over wind any day. But your mind gets depressed fast when your body gets too cold. I’m glad I don’t live in Chicago :slight_smile:.


I no like the snow lol
But you have to try and make the best of it.
Skiing and tubing is a lot of fun.
Thank god it doesn’t stick around here much.


Consider whiskey hot chocolate


Cocoa with Baileys. :smiley:


Morning routine!


Here I am shoveling my roof in New Jersey.

I hate show. So I moved to Illinois. :palm_tree: