LR3 survives falling roof

Snow’s not bad. It’s when it rains on top of the snow. That sucks.

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My 38+++++° ambient is crying seeing all that snow

I think I am back in business with a fixed Z stub. Or I would be if I weren’t going for a minor upgrade.

All the electronics were hanging on board that had a janky mount onto the back strut plate. It had also fallen off and I could probably reattach it but it really needs a better mount.

So I’ll re-cut all the strut plates from 1/4" mdf this time (instead of 1/8" hardboard) and plan a bit of extra height on the back to mount the electronics directly.


Will be good to see that machine back in operation.


I am thinking I don’t need to replace the front and bottom strut plates. It feels like a lot of work for minimal benefit.

But I love this new back plate. Now I have plenty of room to mount everything, and I can fashion a dust cover too, whereas previously everything was barely hanging on.


#idex lovers, here we go!!!

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Powered it on for the first time and so far it looks like everything works (not fully wired). Octopus board powers Pi no problem, talks to octopus board, no issues.

I had forgotten that I set up the Pi with a read-only filesystem with RAM overlay so I can yank power with impunity. I have had very bad luck in the past suddenly cutting power to a Pi.

All I need now is to redesign the bracket for the fixed end of the drag chains.

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That is a silver lining.

That is a very good solution. We used to have some linux boxes in a semi-permanent installation and we did that. We added some simple command line scripts to make it read/write and back to read-only. It was very convenient. And we had more confidence junior engineers hadn’t broken something.

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