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Hi Guys
I am planning on building my first CNC with the LR3. Am I correct in saying I need to buy the Hardware kit and the SKR PRO1.2, 5X 2209 DRIVERS, TFT35 E3 V3 -FLASHED to get started? I have a 3D printer.

I was wondering as well, since there is an option to add the skr pro on the LR3 kit, but I wasn’t sure if it was the same thing.

Yes, you need the hardware kit, and you need a control board. KL2001: you need to be careful here. The option with the hardware is “Add a control board and LCD box.” This is an enclosure that mounts on your LR3 for your electronics, not the electronics. The control board needs to be purchased separately. Ryan just rolled out the LR3, so the ordering is evolving.

Note the control board does not have to be an SKR Pro, but Ryan is having trouble getting the Rambo boards right now.


I see, it’s a literacy problem on my part! or Eyesight? Thanks for clearing that up - the price didn’t seem correct for the entire electronics.

It is an easy mistake to make if you don’t understand Ryan’s technology. I expect you won’t be the last person to make that mistake if Ryan leaves the shop interface the way it is. The LR3 has only been out about a week, so many aspects (including ordering) are in flux.

This reminds me… I should put my LR3 stuff on Printables. I have a box for a Duet 2 Wifi, and a few others yhat I played with, and a few little touches like the TR8 leadscrew caps.


I see, I was definitely reading too quickly…

It says “Add a control board and LCD box” which I read as Add a “control board” and “LCD box” and figured that the price was just missing a digit… when the price was right, but the correct reading is Add a “control board and LCD” box.

I’m usually the one changing the software to align with how users misread things… This just gives me empathy I guess.


I am more than willing to change that. What would be a better way to word it?

Add a printed control board and LCD box


I don’t see it on the LR3 page anymore, and I don’t remember the wording. I’d reverse the wording so that “box” or “housing” comes first: “Housing for…”

It was on the wrong page.

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Looks beautiful!

Page typo: 1286LCD
Should be 12864LCD

No big deal, but if we’re paying attention. My phone typing is horrible, so I make many typos myself. (I also do work as an editor for a magazine, lol.)

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AWesome fixed, thanks!

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I really like your linear rail protector (38.4 KB)

By all means…

+1 “Box/enclosure/housing for…”

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I cannot believe I somehow did not get any notice that LR3 had gone live! I guess a few days slipped by without me coming to the forum, and I just happened to notice LR3 parts openly public on!

What I need to figure out is, what is involved in transitioning from an LR2 to LR3, and whether I should. I need to figure out how much of what I already have can be used.


Just found the “LR2 to LR3 hardware differnces for updating your build” section…

Heads up on typo: “differnces” is misspelled.


Heads up:

I searched the LR3 doc page for “walls” to find out how many walls to print with, and the word “walls” was not present on the page that explains the printed parts.

Also, I searched the same page for “supports” / “support” to find out whether any of the printed parts need supports to be switched on, and there was no mention of “supports” on the page.


No supports are needed. 2-3 perimeters if you are using PLA. More for PETG.