LR3 in Washington - n00b build

Looking good!

Today was a productive day. After letting the heaters run for a couple of hours the temp in the garage got up to bearable and I started working on my wiring.

Only one trip to the hardware store for shorter zip ties. @bitingmidge cable tidys work fabulously. I put that look stuff around bunches of wires. Everything looks neat now. So I finished up the Z screws.

Fired up the Jackpot and was greeted with all the stop lights! There’s @DougJoseph cable minder in action.

Then tested that the steppers fired. Only had one of the Z drivers reversed. So that was all easy-peasy.

So I guess it’s ready to go. Just need to affix the pipe and belts and give it a try. Oh and there are some @azab2c hose hangers too. I can’t recall where I found the stop blocks for the Z screws. I suspect they should be connected with a string and a ‘Remove Before Flight’ tag. :wink:

I’m thinking I might temporarily use these two boards to mount the pipe and belts and try a crown while I contemplate what my table will actually be.

Clamped to this Bora table that should be stable enough for a pen test, don’t ya think?

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It’s always super exciting to see the first one “in the wild” - thanks, and I love your colours too!

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So awesome! Thanks for keeping us updated!