LR3 - France - MKS TinyBee / FluidNC - Side-mounted Y belt

Love the build, have your side mounted Y belt mod saved on Printables. Planning my final table for my LW and want to incorporate that into the plan!

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Si tu es qqpart dans le 95 c’est bien possible :wink:

Adding some storage under the table…
This thing is not moving anytime soon :slight_smile:


Ahh je te voyais plus au nord je suis de Normandie :wink:

A few updates for the LR3 here

I printed and installed Rob’s version of the side Y belt motor mount and tensionners
Very clean modifications to my original design, it’s great

I also changed the spoilboard and resurfaced it… Twice

There’s still a bit of a bowl 2/3rd into the Y axis but that will be sufficient for now

I also printed Peter’s fenders and waiting to install it…
I’ll have to reprint the lower part anyway…

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Looking good!