LR3 Build - the megaman

I am taking inspiration from Megaman and also some of my son’s favorite colors for this build:

I am using Prusament for all of this and the colors as I got my mini+ on black friday with all these colors which are: Azure Blue, Galaxy Black and Galaxy Silver.

Quick question as I noticed on my XZ plates that the corners lifted up a bit. Here is a picture:

Do I need to reprint this? I am assuming the answer is yes.


Looks good
I did my core in two colours as well. I like your blues better tho and mega man is great too.


Just as long as it isn’t this version you’ll be okay!

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I totally loled

Anyone have an idea on the XZ plates above?

Welcome @n8zwn! How bad is the lift, just at the bottom or is the entire piece twisted/warped?

If just bottom layers lifted, but mid-to-top layers were forced into being true level by the printer head, then, I’d venture to say maybe usable… Personally, I’d make a judgement after seeing if the XZ plates are flat on the sides that matter most, for example where they mount/fasten to the end braces?

Here’s a couple of clips that may help to visualize which dimensionally accurate sides matters most…
Assemble XZ plates
Mount YZ plates

That said, If you’re making parts for medical or aerospace equipment, please consider printing new XZ plates :slight_smile:

Good luck!


I would reprint them. Maybe clean the bed extra well, bump up the bed heat a couple degrees and slow down the print speed to get them to stick better. Those plates are pretty vital to not have a LR that makes circles.


New day (22 hours-ish) and new print. I think it looks better now:

I think I can start some other parts. Here are the first few braces :

My mini+ and mk3s+ are working overtime :rofl:


Looking awesome! In addition to all the tips Ryan gave, I get great help from adding a layer of hair spray on my print bed!

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Okay, so I am about to get the parts from @vicious1. What do I all need to order? I will be either building this as 4’x4’ or 4’x8’. I can see the hardware kit and is there a preferred control board? I want to make sure I get it all ordered so when the 3D printer is done, I can start putting it together.

The hardware kit should have you covered on either size, as far as wiring, I think.

The BigTreeTech SKR Pro is popular. It runs Marlin, and it supports (and is usually paired with) the BigTreeTech TFT35 dual mode touch screen. By dual mode I mean the old style navigation (knob and button interface) and sharp looking touch screen mode.

It’s what I got and I am real pleased.

All boards bought from Ryan come preflashed with the right firmware.


Thanks for the information! Is there a true spindle supported meaning not a makita/bosch/dewalt router? I have a bosch router right now, but I was curious.

Side note, anyone have links for 3d printing a holder for the bosch colt router? Or should I get a makita?

No, the quality on the imports is hit or miss. The routers are amazing. Decent temps, quiet, speed controls, swap-able collets, plenty of power.

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Is the bosch an okay setup @vicious1 or do you recommend the makita?

Use what you have. That is the ideal size. All the palm routers are amazing.


Thanks. I only plan on doing hardwood and softwood for now. Maybe one day I will think of aluminum. So spindle is probably overkill for my needs.

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Already seen what Autonomous has been up to with his Bosch? Bosch 1617EVS tool mount for low rider 3

Edit: Nevermind, that’s a different Bosch. Still, he’s getting impressive results imo.

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I don’t think there is any spindle that will gain you anything other than more precise speed control. The palm routers have more than enough power and accuracy.

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Anyone know if this will work for the colt on the LR3: Printables

That mount is for the Primo, Different core than whats on the LR3