LR3 80mm Water Cooled Spindle

Yes, I have a macro saved on my ESP for parking…as you suggested. It is great…Problem is if you stop or cancel a job when things go wrong, everything still crashes down…I need to figure out something, because I don’t always make it to parking time at the end of a job.

I am planning a LR3 build using an 80mm water-cooled spindle from amazon. Other than the super strong bracket so I need to modify anything to make it work? I understand that it may/will crash when power is cut to the Z.

@turpentine, so sorry for my delay in responding. I has been cold here and I didn’t get back to making sawdust again until yesterday.

For me, the crashing is only a problem if you need to cancel - estop a job. I have a saved routine that homes X axis and then parks again with the spindle in the middle of the gantry. This seems to “level” the weight between to two lead screws and prevents the crashing drama that happens when power to the steppers is removed and the spindle is near X-MIN or X-MAX.

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Any plans on making a 65mm version? my 3d modeling skills are lacking LOL

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Hi @jrs

is there a chance for you to upload the modified version of the 80mm mount to printables as the version there is the one with the vacuum hose mounted to the side. Maybe you can attach the cad files as well so I can add some vacuum shoe. Many thanks!