Lowrider2 in Wyoming

I’ll use this thread as a progress for my build. So far, I’ve ordered the kit (it arrived recently), I’ve built the table (pictures coming) and I’m now printing all the parts…

67+ hours of print time is drastically reduced with multiple printers…


Work printers, or a really unhealthy to the wallet printer obsession?

I helped start a makerspace in my town a few years ago. I’m the vice president of it still, and since nobody is able to use the space at the moment, because groups and social distance covid reasons…I took the opportunity to keep the machines in good working order :slight_smile:


I should also add that, even though there is $90,000+ of printers in that photo, imo the prusas are the work horses. Best value for the money. Next would be the ultimaker, especially if using nylon or other exotic plastics that the prusas can’t handle


All parts printed, just need to cut some flat wood pieces


I have been around a fortus 500 I think…took so very long to use. $500 a spool if I remember right and the entire heated chamber changes temp with each filament vs support material change. so 8 hour typical prints took 1-2 days. They did seem to be great prints back then, 7-8 years ago. One of the first print jobs I ever did was a duct the school wanted $400 to print and a few days. I slapped it on a robo and brought it to school the next day, for free I think maybe $20.

Yeah the stratasys machines were donated to us and don’t see much use. Even the newest one, the f170 sucks tbh. Trash prints, plus much more…I could go on all day about how much I hate stratasys products and customer service. Terrible company really.

Assemblies done!


Just about ready to assemble everything together… Need to figure out what exactly I’m doing for rails…I think I’ve got some ideas.

Have to work for now, but will report back once I get the motion system together


Okay motion system not quite together, but this is what I’ve come up with for the rails.

Since MDF is actually 49x97 (ie, one inch larger in each direction)…I had 7 inches of width to make up.

Enter 3.5 inch angle iron. One on each side. I will probably remove the mill scale and paint. I also have to put some spacer blocks at the ends for the belt anchors, but other than that (and some fit and finish), the table is ready to go!


I just got the belts on and temporarily wired up the motors to verify that everything works correctly…but repetier host tells me that it connects (great!)…though it says “unknown firmware… waiting for temp”

I’m using the Rambo 1.4. Am I wrong in thinking that I need to trick the Rambo into thinking there is something in the thermistor spot (T0)?

Also, I didn’t flash any firmware, since I got it in the kit from @vicious1 and the website says that they will come flashed. Repetier wouldn’t connect successfully if there were no firmware would it? I would guess not.

Any help/advice is appreciated

Update: Wrong baudrate…duh…rookie mistake.


Well, a video of it’s first moves under it’s own power.

Now for a bit of cable management, maybe a case for the electronics, and onto the :crown:


I like this build thread you have. Seems relaxed and fun. The build looks great, I am sure you will be getting it dirty pretty soon, exciting!

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I’ve been more thoroughly documenting things along the way, and hopefully will put together a proper build thread when it’s all said and done - for now this is a sounding board of sorts.

If I’m doing something that looks obviously wrong (or make stupid mistakes like not checking the baudrate), I can ask for help :stuck_out_tongue:

My plan is to assemble this in it’s default form, then start changing and making upgrades. For example, I know I want dual endstops, but I’ll leave it until I know it’s tracking properly and it can draw the crown. I also cut one of my belts a few inches short AND I didn’t start with my Z motors mid height at all, and twisted one of my couplers. It still works, but I placed an order yesterday with you for some belts, couplers, LCD, and other random things.

I hope to be able to compile all of this learning into a larger document once I’m done

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Got a bit more cable management to do, but I think it’s good enough to do some testing!


Is there a fan in there? It needs a cooling fan on the stepper drivers.

It does not have a cooling fan, but according to @vicious1 post about his Rambo Gnarly case, the open bottom he has allows for passive cooling that seemed to work in his case.

I have the same opening in the bottom, as well as the vents on the side.

I’m hoping it’s enough, but if not, I will print another cover with room for a fan

My case are flow through, open top (dirt trapped) and open bottom. I am pretty sure your case has enough room to be okay, if you experience lost steps you know to get a fan.

Similar to this, yeah? Plus the vents on the side…

Do you think this will be sufficient @vicious1?

I think so, just know lost steps are the symptom if not.

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