LowRider v3 Floating-Z Dust Shoe and Router Mount (for Dewalt, Makita, Kobalt), for 2.5-inch Vac Hose

Unintended consequence and easy solution:

My X-min is on the left as you look at the core. The addition of the rail mount on the core meant that the mount hit the XZ plate before the limit switch could be actuated by the X belt tensioner. Some wise soul (Ryan, I assume) had designed an M3 hole in the tab that’s supposed to actuate the limit switch, so I threaded in a bolt that will stop the core before it collides with the plate. Not an issue for folks who run their X-min on the right side of the gantry (like you, Doug).

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Ah yes, I was not thinking about the fact you have the tall spindle instead of a router!

Hey is your core mirrored?

Got it. That’s good that you were able to use the screw hole for a solution!

Sometimes it’s good when a design has extra screw holes just in case!!

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Crazy story yes its mirrored my entire build is but not on purpose for some reason my 3d printer has been printing mirrored prints and i have never noticed lol

This means that one of the axes on your 3D printer is backwards. You really ought to fix that…

The core being mirrored is also problematic, but it appears that the X tensioner (and therefore your XZ plates or XZ stubs) are not mirrored. It would probably be easier if they were either both or neither.

Weird the 3d printer homes to the correct location so idk how an axis could be flipped

How is your slicer configured? Does the slicer 0,0 match the location of the physical printer 0,0?
I had cura confused for a while on my Taz after upgrading versions, and discovered that when I realized parts were suddenly coming out mirrored.


Ill look into it!

I was going to suggest the same thing @MakerJim did, checking your slicer settings.


I didn’t think of the slicer. I have never had a slicer that wasn’t set up for right hand coordinate system. (Y- to the front, X- to the left) even when I was experimenting with setting up my printers so that 0,0 was in the center of the build platform, so that (theoretically) I could run the same gcode on printers with different build volumes. (I gather this is more normal for people running Delta printers.) My first printer, both X and Y were backwards, but since it worked, I never did fix that, it jist meant that everything was rotated 180° on the print bed.


It seems odd if a slicer would have a checkmark box something like “mirror all prints” but maybe?

Hey Doug,
Just wondering how this is going?
Last update was 13 days ago and just getting back into the shop after the boat Haul out, so catching up.
Hopefully you will have another video soon that i can watch and generate you some money!

The repair work due to water coming in to both church and house have taken top priority and delayed the project. More soon!

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That really sucks @DougJoseph. Hopefully you are nearing the end with that. I did order the parts to put one on my full sheet rebuild so we will see how that goes lol. Luckily I didn’t end up in the same spot as you with the linear rail, ordered to my door in 2 days lol.

@DougJoseph forgive me as I know you are swamped with other things right now. If I remember correctly from watching your videos there was a modification you wanted to make to the foam bristles. I just downloaded the files from Printables and wasn’t sure if you had made that modification or not. Thanks

I have not made any modification yet. The file could have been probably at least a couple of millimeters longer. Maybe even 3 mm longer. I can’t remember if there was any other change I was thinking of making.

I’m talking here about the length that gets inserted into the track/groove, not the bristle length.


Roger that @DougJoseph I’ll take a look at it and any modifications I make I’ll be sure to post. Will be this afternoon or tomorrow before I get to that point just wanted to ask while I was thinking about it

Let me know your progress on this configuration, I am using a 65mm 1.5KW spindle too and also tall, so a mount to integrate the top of the core will be great.

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I created an adapter for the hose mount that should work with the same type of 2.5" dust collection hose that is cut and installed as part of the floating mechanism. I still need to test the latest iteration on the machine, which won’t happen for a few more days due to a trip. Assuming it latches correctly with the c-clip, I will share the STL and the CAD file for remixes.


Cool. Thanks. Will check it out when I get back to my computer! EDIT: Just noticed the last part, that the design remix is not yet posted!

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