LowRider v3 CNC - Tool-less KINEMATIC Accessory Holder for LowRider 3 CNC 4.0

Doug that’s the same one I have on my full sheet machine. Idk how I ended up getting a different one on the second go around lol

@Jonathjon did you see the remix yet?

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I looked at it from my phone real quick. Been a busy crazy day here in the ole wind farm. Way too many chiefs and no where near enough Indians. And the chiefs don’t have a clue lol

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So I tried to put this onto my LR3 last night, and I couldn’t get the top screw to hold. It will come just to the back surface, and can’t grab the M5 nut with a 45mm screw.

That top ring is the clamp adjust for the router. Maybe my prints are off a bit, and maybe it’s a slightly different clamp.

So I remixed the main mount a bit to recess that top screw in another few mm, enough to grab the nut at least.

I am not sure that using the clamp surface is best practice if the mount has to be plumb. It seems to me that depending on that could result in a deviation from the desired angle.

Well, I’ll give my replacement part a try, but might end up with a different base part.

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Are you sure it was seated all the way down inside? I’m perplexed. This is the first time I’ve heard of this kind of issue.

This is a valid point. I guess most of the tools that have been attached so far to my knowledge were not ones that would be bothered by the mount angle being off ever so slightly.

It wont matter for the pen or drag knife, but if I want to do any actual cutting with the laser, it will. I suppose what that means is I should make a laser mount that can be trammed. Insofar as I know, none of the existing designs out there account for this.

For engraving with the laser, it likely does not matter at all.

The nature of the laser does mean that there is always a slight cone to the focal shape. The people who cut my acrylic YZ plates warned me about this, that I should not count on the edges being actually square (though they are really close.) “Close enough” is still probably good enough, unless it is out far enough to affect actual cutting that I do. The only way that this would be a real.problem is if I want to do multiple passes at different depths. at the same depth (every laser job I’ve done so far) the laser will still follow the same path. It might not be plumb, but it will be consustent. It is only if I adjust the Z axis for successive passes that tramming might become an issue. I don’t know that I’ll ever do that, but something to keep in mind. Just saying it may be a problem for someone.

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@SupraGuy — Good points!

Is anybody here using a neje laser with this mount? I get some minuscule wobble at higher accelerations and i’m not sure what could be causing i
Also the power supply i’m using seems to be kinda terrible, loads of ripple

How did you set up the magnet? If you are using a single magnet and a washer you might think about using 2 magnets. If using the same ones @DougJoseph linked then you will have to flip one of them. Not a simple task but it is doable.

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LightBurn has a setting that allows you to edit the alignment offset for engraving at high speed. If the edges of the engraved lines don’t line up, this can correct it.

Some possibilities that occur,

One is that the LR3 core might not be gripping the EMT conduit tightly enough,

Another is that the kinematic mount might have something standing proud that is making contact before the mounds get settled into their grooves,

Another possibility is that an alignment is needed on the feed from the sender / controller, such as I mentioned in LightBurn above.

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I’ll try the lightburn alingment tool, sadly I’ve just noticed my core has warped with the summer heat and is now rubbing the braces (this wobblyness problem pre-dates this issue but yet another thing to fix!)

The kinematic mount itself seems very rigid so I don’t think it’s that