Lowrider 2 (NEMA 23 upgrade)


Im going to start making a CNC based on your designes Tom.

Do you have a BOM for this build?

David / Norway

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I’d rather go for the LR3, it’s better in every way than the 2.


I built a LowRider v2, then upgraded it to v3, and glad I did.

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My green Lowrider2 is working. I milled a few projects. I have a Duet 2 Wifi and Stepperonline 2.8A Nema23 Steppers. The current is 2.4A with 1/8 Stepping. I have sometimes missing steps on x-axis and ruined some parts…

I have shielded cable for the X Motor and the Mafell FM1000 milling motor.
I dont know why. I checked the belts and screws.

Possible toolpath issues: acceleration too high, feeds too high, DOC is too high, WOC too high?

Power supply not big enough?

Steppers overheating?

EMI issues: twisted pair cable, shield drains grounded?

Mechanical binding in axes?