Low rider 3 V1pi CNC SKR-pro Connection

Hello everyone, most likely a silly question but do i need to connect to the SKR-PRO via USB B only? I have the V1PI working fine on the web via the IP address but it seems that the connection I’m using, USB A to micro might not be the right connection? I tried also connecting it to the USB port on the monitor. No luck. Also I’m running V1Pi on a Raspberry pi W


The usb A is used for sticking a thumb drive on it. But we don’t have it enabled in the firmware.

The skr needs a USB B.

The tiny pi boards don’t have a USBA. So you need a USB OTG cable, which lets the pi be the host to a usb a device. You can also find little usb hubs that have a micro end on the host side.

The pi W (at least until the version 2W) are not that fast. I have tested v1pi on it. But it is noticeably slower and the maintainers of octopi don’t recommend it for printers.


Default firmware is USB B only, like Jeff said.

If you want to get fancy there is a serial port in the 8 pin Wifi (ESP01S) port that you could connect to the GPIO uart on the Pi, that would only require a simple 4 wire interface. You would beed to enable the serial port, like you would for enabling the wifi module.


Thank you both Jeffe and Dan for the quick response. Dan, I don’t think I’m advanced enough for that just yet but thank you. Jeffeb, I hear you on the inefficiency of the pi zero. I’ll most likely upgrade to the newer pi 3 or 4. (which would you recommend?). In the mean time I wanted to confirm that I had the zero working at minimum. Would this Micro USB to usb B work?

Yeah. That kind of cable is right.

The 3b+ and the 4 both work. The 4 can get hot, and when it does, it doesn’t work any faster than the 3b+. I would get the cheapest of those two options, unless you plan on using it for something else later.

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Awesome! Thank you Jeff!