Losing Z steps

I’ve recently finished a build and have been spending a lot of time trying to get a successful cut. I finally discovered the Z was skipping steps. Sometime 1 or 2, other times several and now it’s gotten so bad I can no longer use the cnc.

I can manually move Z with the knob without binding so I assume the stepper has gone bad. Anything else I should test or can someone confirm it’s the stepper?

I have video of the noise it makes but can’t upload it to the post. Thanks for the help.

Welcome! Is this build from the used kit back in December?

You can help us help you by providing more details about your build.

What controller do you have, , with which drivers, running what firmware, and with what config? What type of power supply are you using, at what voltage? What model of stepper is on your Z axis?

If we know more about what you have, then we can help you troubleshoot what’s going on.

Put it on youtube. I have the most boring channel in the world :laugh:

Grub screws or bad wire connector on z stepper

Sounds like it’s physically binding up. Loosen up the lead screw nut. Moving slow by hand it may feel fine, but there may be some issues when it’s trying to move faster.

Actually, change that. I run that exact same dust collection on mine. There’s a really good chance you’re binding up on the Z blocks.

Thanks for the replies. I added the link to the youtube short of my video (Thanks Nathan for the suggestion)

I did purchase this used but never assembled back in December from a post in this forum. I am running a RamBo board with dual end stops, Marlin 2.1.1 515D, 12v power supply.

I started checking the connections and grub screws. Everything was tight so I started checking everything one by one. Once I had the stepper disconnected and the jack screw out I discovered several areas the mount and router were binding up against the core bolts. I did a little dremel surgery and adjusted the router in the mount and everything moves freely. It all back together but no time to run a test cut, that will have to wait until later this week.

Thanks again for the quick responses…I know better to check these things before going to the forum but Ive been chasing a Z issue since day one. I think I may have finally resolved it (fingers crossed)

I didn’t see Nathans last post until now…you are correct sir!!!

Always feel free to visit the forums. There always seems to be someone who can solve it- Like Nathan where he’s already run into the same problem and recognizes it right away.

Hope your machine is working well after this.

I also had the Z losing steps with the standard FluidNC config from V1engineering. I’ve lowered the acceleration a bit to solve this.

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