Losing steps on X


20x58 build, Rambo controller, DW660, Dual Endstops. Using Estlcam.


So I ran through all the initial Crown/plotter exercises and they turned out. One of my kids wears it after affixing a headband.


Tonight I was running some real cuts in pine, part was 100mmx350mm.

1/8 upcut 2 flute 2mm DOC, 8mm/s XY and 3mm/s Z.

Somewhere around halfway I lost steps on my long rails, I am open to any suggestions at this point. I’m looking at my spare conduit and contemplating just chopping the build down to a square.

99.9% chance it’s bad gcode. You can link it, upload it, or post a snippet.

G00 Z-1.5000 F480
G01 X104.5264 Y119.7141 F480
G01 Z-2.0000 F180
G01 X106.5233 F480
G02 X110.9951 Y97.2141 I-16.0171 J-14.8778 F480
G01 X109.4483 Y97.2422 F480
G00 Z-1.5000 F480
G01 X106.5233 Y119.7141 F480
G01 Z-2.0000 F180
G01 X108.4358 F480
G02 X112.5139 Y97.1859 I-17.9222 J-14.8775 F480
G01 X110.9951 Y97.2141 F480
G00 Z-1.5000 F480
G01 X108.4358 Y119.7141 F480
G01 Z-2.0000 F180
G01 X110.2639 F480
G02 X114.0326 Y97.2422 I-19.5597 J-14.8323 F480
G01 X112.5139 Y97.1859 F480

No, there should not be any G02’s. Triple check every single box from the instructions.

G02 is checked as enabled under arc processing in estlcam?


I had milling direction set to conventional instead of climb cutting, but fixing that that doesn’t remove all clockwise arc moves either.

Shoot you’re right. Start with arcs off for testing, they can be finicky depending on the firmware version.

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So I think I’ve identified a possible issue, it appears that the X2 motor moves before X1. Hard to explain, but I can watch the gantry support shift angularly on small 10mm moves. Back to playing with tension bolts

maybe check driver current? that’s like half the speed you could use (a 530W / 29000 rpm makita router does 15mm/s and 4mm DOC with a 2mm downcut mill in poplar plywood easily), so you either have something hindering moves or currents set really low

Turns out you need all four wires for a stepper to work correctly, had a wire break at my splice. I probably should have just made up full length cables instead of splicing the kit cables longer.