Lightburn 'laser control commands' missing?

I have what seems to be a common problem, my laser isn’t coming on in Lightburn. Reading other posts I know I need to tell it how to control my laser, ie M106/M107 vs M03/ M05 or preferably ‘inline’ and I couldn’t find where to set that until I saw a photo of the settings in another post and realized those options just aren’t showing for me. In the screenshot in another post the options were just below the highlighted line below. Hopefully I’m just doing something silly.

I can move the machine in Lightburn (ver 1.3.01) and control the laser in other software with M03/M04 commands

MPCNC with a Ramps 1.4 running most recent MPCNC dual endstop firmware and a cheap 4 wire 5.5watt laser.

Just resize the dialog, and the commands will appear. I place my mouse on the bottom right of the dialog. When I get the diagonal double arrow cursor, I click and drag. I assumed I had this issue because I have an odd screen size, but maybe everyone has it.

You will get superior results using inline commands:


If you are using the latest version of V1 maintained Marlin firmware, you need to put the following in the top of your g-code files.

M3 I

This g-code command can be automatically inserted by adding it to the GCode/Start GCode tab in Lightburn.


That worked, thanks. Any other funny bugs like that I should know about?

No other issues like that I’m aware of. Overall, I’m impressed with Lightburn.