Lightburn detect only one of the motors in X and Y axis

Hi… I have an MPCNC With the ramp 1.4 And Marlin.
When I connect it to lightburn Only one of the 2 motors in the Y and X axis running Can someone help me with this issue

I don’t believe LightBurn has any idea whether your X and Y axis have 1, 2, or 10 motors- that’s abstracted away by Marlin.

Can you tell us more about your machine?
Do you have an LCD on your machine? If so, what kind?
Do you use any other gcode sender besides lightburn?

If you home your machine and then jog it around manually without lightburn, are both motors working on each axis?

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Thank you for your fast reply

  • No I don’t have an LCD on my mpcnc
  • When I home my machine only one of the motors works
    The bizarre thing is that when I use Estlcam The mpcnc works just fine

If you don’t have an LCD, how are you homing your machine when not using Estlcam?

Did you flash the Estlcam control software onto your RAMPS/Arduino setup? In that case, you’re no longer running Marlin firmware and you’ll need someone who understands Estlcam to help.

I don’t believe LightBurn supports Estlcam as a controller target, so if you happen to be in this situation you’ll need to get back onto Marlin firmware if you want to be able to use LightBurn with your machine.