Laser etched zippo

Nothing special but last etching powder coated Zippo lighters turns out pretty good.

500 mm/min, 2 passes with a 3 watt laser. Wash under water and scrub a bit afterwards.


Nice work

I really like how clean that turned out. Thanks for sharing! That could be a money maker for someone!

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Three Kings day gifts made. Cheap and easy. Image on front, name on back


Its in the LowRider Gallery, so I guess you attached the 3W Laser onto the LowRider? How have you done it, did you follow any tutorial? What laser exactly did you use and which software? Would love to do the same project :slight_smile:

This thread should answer most of your questions. Laser Etched Basil Jar

I actually did this on the $79 cenoz laser engraver (another great thread to read through) merely because I hooked up a pi to it and can send files to it wirelessly.

My lowrider 2 setup would have been just as capable doing this.