Laser Etched Basil Jar

Wanted to make a gift for a friend whose both adventurous and a type one diabetic. I had a basil plant from a cutting already decently established in a jar, and since who doesn’t like herbs, decided to make that the gift.

first use of the drop table function

Irish blessing. plastic used to keep paint and fumes from the edible leaves

Saint Christopher, patron saint of travelers

Basal is a type of insulin, this plant is Basil; for those that otherwise wouldn’t get the wordplay

Insulin molecule. Literally (a too expensive) life saving medicine

Lowrider 2. Inkscape to do the images, export as .png to lightburn. 20 mm/s and 90% power, 1 pass. JTech Photonics 7W pro.
Spray black, laser where you want it white, lacquer thinner to remove all the paint and reveal the ablated glass.