has anyone tried using this for the MPCNC yet?

I’m still in the printing/assembly phase and cannot test it myself but I thought this might be another option for CAM software.

That’s just a slicer as far as I can tell.

So, after it generates code you’d still need repetier or something else to run the machine?


I had just stumbled on this software as well.

I was looking for something that could import 3d files and slice it for the MPCNC. Something like MeshCAM but for free. ($250 for hobbyist is kind of steep.) Also, etslcam looks fine and at a decent price but it doesn’t run well on a mac - Tried it with wine and mono. (I don’t want to run parallels / virtual box etc.)

Understood that this doesn’t send the gcode and you’ll still need something else to do that. (I’m cool with that)

But has anyone used this to mill more than just 2.5D stuff?

Estlcam does 3D. Just open an STL and a whole new interfaces pops up. I have some demo vids and there are a bunch of other ones. I think there is a bear and some fish carvings on the facebook group right now.

I have used a ton of software, I really think you should start with ESTLCAM and see if you find a reason to try anything else. It is very easy to use.