Hey guys,
Loving the build so far except for one little hiccup. I bought the kit minus the printed parts for the MPCNC from the shop and have had nothing but bad luck with the RAMPS/MEGA boards. Out of the gate the boards were not flashed, not a big deal I didn’t really expect them to be, so I flash the latest Marlin RC8 and get this message on the LCD. So I try the RC7 version and get the same thing. At first the LCDs work except for the rotation of the knob. After a few turns it all goes gibberish then this message pops up. After that it goes straight into this message on next boot up. I have experience with RAMPS and other MKS boards but this has me stumped.
Oh and I also tried a different RAMPS and MEGA and it eventually did the same thing. Any pointers would be appreciated.

My display wires always have gone the same direction out of the ramps or into the display… so yours look odd to me. did you verify them?

You bought the board from me and it was assembled but not flashed? I assemble flash and test all in one shot.

Your screen wires are kinda reversed both sets should face the same way.
You get the regular screen and then it goes to the error?

I didn’t buy a LCD because I have some left over from my previous printer builds. Same with the connections. They work with other ramps boards so I know that is not the issue. I couldn’t get the board to show anything on the LCD straight from the package nor any leds lighting up on the ramps, with that I figured that the board wasnt flashed.
I’ll continue to try and figure this out. Might have to switch to a more reliable board like a MKS model.

We are trying to help you troubleshoot here so please don’t get frustrated yet. It usually takes a few questions and answer and usually a few pics to figure it out.

If you didn’t get the screen from me are you sure the correct screen is selected in the firmware?

The reason we are asking about the connections is 1 of the wires is one backwards. Generally they both face the same way and exp1 goes to exp1, it is a simple thing to verify. If you want to put up a pic showing the back of the screen and the ramos board in the same pic.

I test every single board with an lcd before shipping.

Not really sure why you would think an mks would be more reliable. It is just a different type of board from the same factories.

I really don’t think it’s the screen. The red stripe is on the same side for both cables. I’m wondering if the resistor that simulates a thermistor is having contact issues. The only times I’ve seen halted errors are when the board thinks the temperature is jumping around.

The new firmware disables the the resistor, it isn’t needed anymore.

New firmware as in updated RC7 or as in RC8?