Just started

This is how far I got tonight. Steppers are slow. Need to buy more parts


I’m jealous. I have all of my parts printed, and I’ve bought my tubing and hardware and bearings. I’m waiting for my next free cash to get the steppers and electronics from @vicious1.

I’m looking forward to following your build as it’s nice to see folks at similar stages!

The stepper motor were slow in shipping is what I meant to say. I am still looking for tubing and saving money for the board/display. The wheels are being slow as well. I need to order the belt and those connected parts as well. For the effort I have put into searching amazon/ebay and local stores I really should just buy everything on this site.

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little further

ten meters of belt arrived today. the metal store I went to appears to want more than 120 dollars for the parts from Amazon are 72 dolllars. I wonder what sort of deal i can get with that information.


I am waiting for parts to arrive still. Would this tool be usable in the Lowrider setup? Craftsmen All-In-One Cutting Tool, Model No. 183.172521. It has an eighth and quarter inch collet and is 20-30K rpm.

It has some different ways to mount it. I will look into a picture later and a link to the device on the web.

more progress. failures in measurement and calculations. saving money for board and display, printing more parts


worried about cutting the belt, need a board and a display and wiring

Nice router set up.

Just something I noticed. The XZ main is facing the wrong way. The Z-axis lead screw might bind a bit in with the current orientation. However, there have been instances where this orientation worked out.

I will relook at it. Thanks for looking out for me. I will eventually need all the help I can get.

Update to show continued forward motion.

Slowed down by the Cura upgrade nixing the G29 out of the machine settings and of course money/work/family


Dear Diary,

All three axis moved today.



Hi Adam
All the best for you and you will love to making stuff on that nice LR2 you have build yourself.

I ran the crown. However my pen had no spring and came off the paper and my home was very off where I thought it was

There are a few things to think about with respect to the origin position for running a toolpath. First is where the origin was authored with respect to your toolpaths. Most CAM packages allow you to pick the home position. If you ran Ryan’s premade crown file, the origin is the bottom left corner, so the drawing will be created up and to the right of the origin position.

The second issue concerns where the router thinks it is. If you ran Ryan’s premade crown, he has this line in the g-code:

G92 X0 Y0 Z0

This line set the origin to the position of the tip of your pen when the g-code file starts running. If you used Ryan’s DXF to do your own crown, then that line may not exist in the g-code. Without this line the origin position is set to the first place where the router was moved electronically. Note you can setup EstlCAM or Repetier-Host to insert this line automatically. There are also several places you can execute this g-code command manually.

I too have most of my 3D printed parts completed. My Creality CR-10 mini with the TH3D Auto-leveling probe is not working correctly. The house I moved into has no grounded AC outlets. No ground=noise on the probes data lines so inaccurate z auto-leveling. I’m working on that. I have my hardware from McMaster-Carr. Could not find it locally and MCM-C prices were very fair and very fast shipping. I have a place in Columbus, OH to get the SS tubing. 1" OD. Just haven’t bought it yet. You are moving along quit nicely. I received my steppers. I think I want to go with the lower wheels, even if only one. I am learning blender to redesign some of the 3D printed parts and the side plates to add the extra wheel. I just can’t figure out Fusion360. Anyway… I’m going to follow your build. It looks nice!

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Very nice. I’m jealous… You’re almost there!

This great fun. My family has asked me not to speak about it any longer as apparently the minutia is not as interesting as we all know it is. I have printers doing the case for the board and some other components for the tape measure trick. The software is definitely where I need to spend more time. I made a simple Inkscape of my name and it won’t print. I change the top of the Gcode to match the crown but alas, still stuck. I put the TFT case on and the kill switch into a box last night instead of working on gcode. Hopefully I keep having progress daily. I will be happy when I get all the wiring under control. I am not sure what level of OCD I might have but the spaghetti mess of wires is an issue. I assume I will be happier once the wires are dealt with. It does appear that I can spend an infinite amount of time on this machine just learning how to do all the basic skills and then applying them to the various different projects.

There is a “Metal Superstore” open in Cincinnati on Saturdays so I was able to get DOM there. They wanted something like 160 dollars for Stainless Steel. I figure that can be a future upgrade if it becomes necessary. I was trying to do this as cheaply as possible to start.

Great project. I love this forum, everyone has tons of information to share and the Gallery is full of fantastic projects.

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Progress Report: Construction seems complete for now. Wiring buttoned up. Had to install new tool mount as the “spindle” chose destroy the mount rather than cut the wood. This is likely because I am incapable of making any sort of progress with Inkscape/Estlcam, FreeCad, LibreCad, Gimp, Onshape, Fuson360. I am very frustrated that things do not do what I expect. I did not expect software to be the hard part. I was once quite capable with Photoshop. I have a nice new Rigid shop vac and am working on a dust vortex type thing but the Ender isn’t cooperating. I had to rewire the thermistor, the hotend cooling fan to get that running. I swear all three machines have not worked at the same time. I haven’t managed to get the tiny touchplate to work. I am normally a disorganized slob in the basement but the low rider project is forcing me to organize so I can put things out of the way of dust.


Software is a bottomless hole, where there can be as many problems as you have time to solve :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. But the more you work on it, the sooner you will find your way through it.

The machine looks good too. Looks like a nice, solid table, and I like that you’ve cut off the corners to save your hips. The spindle does look a bit loose there, honestly. I am not sure what the mount looks like, but it has a large moment arm there. But really, the business end is much closer to the mount, so that shouldn’t be the issue.

The shop looks nice. Great lighting. What is the story with the Unix Feud art?

I was in a training class for something in the late 90s and I was enamored with them being on the wall in the hallway. I think it was likely a Object Oriented Programming class that wasn’t making sense. I am not a great programmer but a feel like I do magic with Perl. So I find the name of the artist and call him. This was before I had a cellphone, pager time. I think the guy was surprised that tracked him down with the Internet. He had made them for some company. He sent them to me for like 20 bucks a piece and shipping tube and shipping. The artist didn’t know anything about computers but he worked so much into the UNIX Magic poster I was amazed. I had them on the wall in my cube for years until we moved off of AIX to stupid Windows Servers. I learned UNIX on SGI IRIX. When I do interviews I ask people about vi. I love UNIX. I recently bought an HP Envy with Windows 10 and the thing crashes sometimes a half dozen times a day. When people give me computers I load Linux on them and I would do it to this if I didn’t feel like I was wasting the money on the Windows License and if I was sure my Usenet programs and setup would transfer properly. Also my High Schooler is using it for some Photo work and he is no where near computer savvy enough to be my son.