Just started

BTW, who makes that day-glow yellow filament you’re using?

I am 99% sure it is this Sculpto half kilo Yellow

I got it on sale for $15 which is probably too expensive. They sold off a ton of $600 PlaySmart printers this year for $99 and I couldn’t afford to buy too many spools after buying two of those printers. While these hobbies are not as expensive as fancy purses I am trying to stay clear of reciprocal purchases.

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Oh man. That shell potion piping to /dev/null… Very surprising the artist doesn’t know Unix.

I am not a sysadmin, and the server side is pretty foreign to me. I use it as my desktop environment (I write code for unmanned ground vehicles that all run Linux/ROS). I also am in the vim camp, spaces-not-tabs, braces on their own lines, and i3wm (not kde or gnome) camps. But we have totally different battles at my work that we would if we were trying to keep hundreds of servers running all the time.

The battle where I am usually by myself, on the losing side is against regression testing. :duck:

Whoo! That is spendy. Nice looking though!

I have struggled to get something recognizable to be cut from my lowrider. I discovered that reflashing the firmware was necessary. I believe before I even knew what could go wrong I messed up the firmware by letting Estlcam attempt to control it. In the process of getting it to work and examining everything from scratch I found the sd card which came with the SKR Pro is worthless and I got to fiddle with drivers on my Windows 10 machine to get the machine to connect to the board. In fact based on the fiddling I was doing with the driver I am not even sure how I managed to corrupt the board in the first place. Anyway while still failing to have exactly what I expect to have occur, I have made great progress. The x axis steppers were moving out of sync and I loosened the belt somewhat that might have worked. I think I am moving too fast through the material horizontally.

Now my family is looking to me for a way to get my attention when I am in the basement with the machine and vacuum running. Do any of you have this problem? No one wants to come downstairs to get my attention and my cellphone isn’t attracting my attention. What solutions do you have? I imagine a remote control for the lights that are above my shop would work. I have them flicking the switch to the stair lights but that only works if I am looking in a certain direction.

So more progress in 4 hours today than in the last 19 days.

When my wife’s out and I’m in the shed using the MPCNC, I sometimes dread that the kids get ill, they fall out of bed, or something else happens. I’m hoping that my oldest (soon 7) will hear the noise from the shed, realize that I’m out there, and come see me if something happens. But I don’t know if he will! And I can’t tell them that I’m going there, because then they might get something to worry about… he’s learned to read, so maybe I can write him a note and leave in the hallway…

You might get some hearing protection with bluetooth and connect it to your phone. Then you will get the ding in your headphones, and you can listen to podcasts or music.

Or a wifi rgb bulb would work, if you can reach the wifi from out there. You can get really deep with that kind of stuff. Including home assistant and wled or esphome.

Well in that picture it wasn’t seated in the mount. However it is like prophecy, I take mount for some other tool and due to ignorance I put mine in there BUT my Craftsmen tool has a button to lock the spindle that forces me to cut a slot into the mount. If you lean it one, two, three ways and it seems stable. I discovered one way it moves quite a bit. So that is my current problem. Y± works with no shifting. X positive doesn’t shift. X negative isn’t even close to solidly mounted and it explains the things going on today. I feel more confident that I can correct this issue and finally cut something although todays final Estlcam would suggest otherwise .