Joker inspired MP3DP

Are you endstops wired NC?

Right now they are wired - and S, on the end stop one middle and out.

Just switched on to the way I had it before. It’s working. I’ll change the rest

Look at the side of the endstop. You want C and NC, Common and Normally Closed.

You have it Normally open the printer thinks it is hitting the endstops.

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Yeah, that’s the way I had/have them. It seems to work now only After I hit auto home. IF i start the machine and try to move it it wont go past the + o. I think it’s thinking that is home.

Negative movements are turned off on printers for safety.

Makes sense, I just don’t remember the other machine doing that. Although I haven’t run it from the LCD in a long time.

Well here’s the photo of the fan, I’m not sure how well it’s going to work. I tired modifying it some more but fusion is locking up on me every time I start a new sketch…

The print came out pretty badly. I was too close the bed and it shows there on the front of the fan…

Cool! I really wish the E3d hot end condoms lasted longer. After a while the silicone starts to crumble from the heat. They work really well other than that. I get maybe 2 rolls of petg with one.

Can anyone recommend the bl touch?

My first shot at a mini Rambo mount. I plan to add on to this. But it works for now. Just had to get something down to get an Idea moving.

Awesome, that corner that is sticking out is the part that gets hot. Good choice of orientation.

How are you liking it? I am just about over dealing with the ramps, the rambos have been so flawless they are by far worth the extra money, and that archim board works great now as well. There was one little issue they fixed it and updated the firmware the next day!

Looking at your build, you might want to try one of the berd air systems to get rid of the giant fan. It is a bit noisy but seems to work perfect. Never thought of it before but maybe putting the air pump in a insulated box would cut down the noise.

I havent got to do much with it. Had to take a break from everything for awhile. Got my orders out and stopped advertising. I made some adjustments to my product design and with that zebra plate ive come up with something im finally happy with. So happy that I went ahead and threw away the 30 or so that I had printed up.

By the way that zebra plate is pretty sweet
But to Z can be pretty inconsistent when you take it on and off I found myself constantly adjusting it. And that’s why I was asking about the BL touch.

I’ve been meaning to ask you the name of that air system again so I can look into getting one because I was the first thing I thought of when I saw the big fan. I’ll probably end up buying one.

Ordered a berd air kit.

Nice I can’t wait to hear your impressions of it.

I guess I am going to have to look into the recent improvements into bed leveling. I really haven’t tried any of it in a long time. I did mess with a Taz a while ago and the system they have seemed to work great.

It couldn’t hurt as long as you were using it in conjunction with normal bedleveing. Although Pursa gets away without any manual bedleveing win at all.

Prusa takes it a step further, because they sense the rotation of the Y relative to X, which is pretty cool, but never been a problem for me.

Dang, orderer this morning and theyve already shipped it.

It seems this page is down. I was going to flash my original machine with the new firmware. As I’m still on the old one.

I think it’s good now, try a refresh f5.

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Well im giving the bltouch a shot.