JDC Bend 48" Magnabend 1250e electromagnetic sheet metal brake + step-up transformer for 220V

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Full details on my LowRider 3 DIY CNC plasma rig:

• My plasma rig uses LinuxCNC — free open source Control software that includes the QTPlasmaC GUI for plasma cutting! Get it at http://linuxcnc.org

• YouTube video series on how I made my CNC Plasma rig, based on LowRider v3 mostly printed CNC: LowRider 3 CNC Plasma Table PART 1 - floating Z torch mount - YouTube

• Also check out my build log thread with full details — over on the V1 Engineering forum: LowRider 3 - Plasma Build "On a Budget" - Clarksburg, WV

• I also have a “CNC Plasma Cutter” collection of parts over on Printables: Printables

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I can’t believe how many things you produce and document, and video. Plus video production,…

Just amazing,

Mike B.

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:slight_smile: I sleep some.