Jackpot X1 & Y1 Drivers Not Working

Hi everyone, and @vicious1
First time posting here and new to CNC’s and need some advice.

I hooked up my new Jackpot controller today, and the X1 driver does not energize the X1 stepper motor, nor does it move. The X2 stepper and the X2 driver both function properly. When I plugged in the X1 stepper into the X2 driver, it functions properly, meaning there is not an issue with the X1 stepper and its wiring. The Y1 driver energizes the Y1 stepper, but it does not move. The Y2 driver and the Y2 stepper both function properly as well. When I plugged in the Y1 stepper into the Y2 driver, it functions properly, meaning there is not an issue with the Y1 stepper and its wiring either.

When I first powered up the Jackpot Controller, I had to swap polarity of the stepper and I did not think to shut the board down to do so. I fear I may have shorted something out internally in the Jackpot board. At some point too, I looked over and thought I saw a puff of smoke coming from the board.

Any thoughts on what could have happened or what I should do?
Thanks in advance,

That can kill a driver, but we can test it.

I do test them all before it leaves here.

Type in $SS in the terminal and see what it says for the X driver, versus the rest.

The drivers all passed. What would be the next step for troubleshooting?

Power down completely and swap the X driver with another spot. Test with $ss and a real stepper again.

I am away from the CNC for the night and just have the board at home with me. I will have to run that test with the steppers hooked up tomorrow.

Thank you for the fast reply’s, stand-by for that test result tomorrow.

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Hi again,
I switched the X driver with the Y2 driver & have the same test result. What can be done next?

Do the steppers both work?

No, only X2 & Y2 work

Out of all your steppers now only two work?

Can you show a picture of how you have it wired up please.

I see a message went to the spam filter can you reply here please.

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Sorry for that! All 5 steppers work individually if plugged into x2 or y2, those are the only ports sending signals. I’ve disconnected everything, I’m going to walk away for a little while. Really frustrated, I feel I’m way over my head. Maybe I’ll order another board & revisit this project.
Thanks for your feedback!

Slow down, I am trying to take this one step at a time. Take a break and when you are ready we will take another step.

I do not think you will find a more simple board to use and troubleshoot than this.

So it changed. Previously only the x was funky. So yes it seems you popped the driver, very cheap fix. We need to figure out which driver.
So make sure to complety power down before moving any wires or drivers.

-Plug in all 5 steppers, those can stay plugged in.
-Then put a driver only in the X spot, power up and test it. If it works power down and add one to the Y socket.
-keep adding drivers and testing until you find one that does not work.
-you should be able to get xyzx1 to work, if that is the case you just need to replace the driver you popped. Trinamic TMC 2209 V1.2 UART Drivers – V1 Engineering Inc