Jackpot Stepper Connectors

What do you call the connectors for the stepper motor sockets on the Jackpot board, or better yet, does anyone have a link to the amazon part? I have a crimper and the parts to make the straight (Dupont?) 2.54mm 4 pin female connectors, but I wanted the ones with the locking tab.


I think most of us here don’t use the ones with the locking tab, as the steppers from Ryan don’t have them.

Not having the locking tab also makes it much easier to flip the plug at the board in case the motion is reversed

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MX2.54 DuPont With Lock.

Considering how cheap they are I like to buy fly leads with them already perfectly crimped.

Thanks. Yeah, crimping those things is not easy. I can’t find the locking ones on amazon. I did find the ones with the pre-crimped leads but I’d rather deal with the crimp frustration than have spliced wires. I’m not in a rush so I guess I’ll go with aliexpress.

I trust my soldering more than my crimping :slightly_smiling_face:

You should be able to replace the leads on the pre-crimped locking connections with your own crimped pins if you really want to.
I found these on a quick Amazon search, but the assortment only seems to contain two of each size.

Thanks. I had found those and noticed they are coming from China for $14. The pre-crimped are 2-day but they were $26. Aliexpress is sending me 100 4-pin locking connectors for $4 all in and should get here by the end of the month. I have plenty of pins, assuming they are the same size as the non-locking.

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I’m very, very upset. Could it not have been stated on the specification page of the board. I received the stepper motors with cables and of course there are not 4 pin dupon and the lug is different - I can not just move 1 pin dupon from my arduino cables. In my country I have not found ready - to order and wait almost a month again and in China there are no ready cables with dupon with lock, you need to order separately connector and cables. The question is not about money, but about time.

Locking DuPont fly leads are available, and very cheap.

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And on the other side is the 6pin Terminal Motor Connector Cable for Nema 17? I’ll answer that for you, no. I’m willing to pay $50 for the right connectors right now. But in my country I found only a DIY kit:

Waiting a couple days and messing up the factory cables from the motors.
So I ordered the dupont motor cables and separately the locking connectors.
I will do debugging like this for now :wink:

If the page indicated that the connectors from the usual 3D printer differ - I would immediately order the necessary, but so again a month to wait …

What is the recommended cable/connectors to use with jackpot board and steppers motors from v1e shop?

Hello there. Almost all 3D printer, and most small CNC controllers here use similar 4-pin headers.
But, before going further, note that this reply is at the bottom of a 20 day old thread, so many readers may miss it as it’s an old thread.

I’m curious if this is a next set of steps for the project you described below:

That’s a very interesting project and I hoope you paste more about it as you proceed.

In the picture above, you have quite a collection of cables!

I see the geared stepper motors appear to have a 6 pin style connector with 4 contacts populated, and then these two geared motor harnesses join into an 8 pin ribbon cable. Is that correct?

That configuration is extremely rare in my country, in fact it is the first time I’ve ever seen steppers paired and sharing wiring run that way.

It looks like you were then able to split the 8 wire ribbon cables out into sub bundles to route to the jackpot. That must have been a lot of work for you.

Hopefully you were able to sort out A and B coil pair mapping, which would be the next hassle if they are mismatched.

As mentioned above, most folks here do not use the locking style 4-contact connectors because we prefer the option to flip the stepper wiring over in case the stepper is moving opposite our expectations.

I have seen cables that map the 6 contact style stepper back to a 4 contact plug, but because those are relatively rare I don’t use them. As an example of ready-made cables of this type see the link below.
NOTE: I have not used the stepper style you show above. The link is only to show an option that might be better suited to you in the future- if you verify it correctly matches your stepper pinouts.

EDIT: Inserted a picture from the above link since it didn’t render here.

I completely understand the value of time. I have a couple of suggestions that might help that in the future:

  • Ask here in the forum before.buying things, especially now that we understand that your supply chain options are very different than those we have here.

  • It’s probably better to start a new topic than to jump into the tail of an existing one. I skipped over this topic several times since you’ve posted above because I recognize this as an old thread that was essentially resolved.

  • In the picture I’m quoting below (a crop of the picture at the top of the v1e Jackpot page,) it clearly shows that these are 4 pin stepper connections. In reviewing that, if you already had those 8-pin stepper wire pairs, it would have been a good time to ask in the forums about it. In retrospect this would have saved you a lot of that precious time.

  • any 2.54mm spaced female connector will probably work for you if you can’t find anything else locally.

That’s the thing- at least here, the connectors DO NOT differ from the usual 3D printer. One thing that might make the documentation page better would be some kind of note. Perhaps saying if you intend to use jackpot with steppers/wiring that don’t have 4-wire 2.54mm spaced female connectors to check in with the forum to find a suitable match.


That’s exactly right, I needed an ESP32 because I didn’t want to understand the intricacies of other processors and build/debug systems. I need stepper motors with gearbox for the platform project, and I’m not an engineer and can’t tell the difference between dupont and other connectors.
My message was too emotional, as it’s a shame that the description doesn’t specify the connectors - that’s all.

  • 6x Stepper driver sockets

It would be convenient if it was written like this:

  • 6x Stepper driver sockets MX2.54 DuPont With Lock

Photo of the new board for my Ender 3 Pro - the connectors fit.

Guys, sorry for the harshness - of course it’s my problem that I didn’t see it and reacted emotionally. If possible, please add information about connectors to the board description.

Thank you.
I understand your frustration. We try to be helpful and supportive in the V1 community.

There is always room to improve the documentation based on community feedback.
I can see how a note in the right place could be helpful.

Comparing the two boards, the Jackpot has a shroud that can accommodate the locking mechanism that most of us don’t use. But otherwise, the connectors are supposed to be compatible. Note that both have the cutout on the opposite side. What I don’t understand is how your connector could fit the SKR E3 Mini and not also fit the jackpot.

To help me figure out how the documentation can be improved, can you post pictures of how the connectors that fit the SKR won’t fit into the Jackpot?

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The connectors look similar, so I didn’t realize why I couldn’t connect the motors right away. Started looking for information about connectors on the forum and came across this thread. The guides are in the same places (but not at full length), there is a cutout for the lock, the connection pins are not centered.
XH2.54 (4 pin) to PH2.0 (6 pin)
dupont 2.54 (4 pin) to PH2.0 (6 pin)
XH2.54 4pin socket

So the limitation for you is the depth of the cutout as shown below?


On some SKR boards there is a suggestion about some stepper harness connector styles needing to remove the shroud from the SKR board to allow them to fit.

I wonder if this is a similar case but on the Jackpto.board. I don’t know if the shroud on the jackpot stepper cables is easily removable like it is on the SKRs. I wonder if @vicious1 has ever tried to pull a shroud off of a jackpot board?

Its possible if you remove the receiving frame on the jackpot board your plugs will fit if they are both 2.54m pitch

Yes. They’re identical in size - I was going to go ahead and re-solder them. But I didn’t want to ruin the Ender 3 board :wink: