Jackpot Stepper Connectors

On at least some SKR boards, you don’t have to solder anything to remove the shrouds. Only some careful work pulling on the plastic shroud and it can be pulled off, leaving the pins behind.

I don’t know if anyone has ever tried that on a jackpot, so that’s why I asked about it. If that’s workable, then it would be a potential way to address the issue you have.

What a problem :slight_smile: I got a little angry and then I calmed down.
Cables ordered - coming, connected the motors with wires from arduino. I’m working on the code.
Your board is probably the only one where you can connect 6 stepper motors and use usual ESP32 libraries for coding.

I don’t think there is such a thing as dupont with lock. They are either jst or molex. I can never keep them straight. The duponts are usually 2.54mm pitch and the jat are usually 2.50mm. Not enough to make much difference in 4 pins. But having a locking connector is better.

There definitely is, but they are not common. The regular connectors I have made so far fit nice and snug, but there is just something satisfying about that “click” when you plug something in.

A little off topic but I got these and de-soldered the original connectors and soldered on screw terminals.
“5Pcs 2.54mm 0.1” Universal 4 Pin 4 Poles PCB Screw Terminal Block Connector" found on ebay for a few bucks and time waiting for shipping from china.


I feel the need to beat this horse a bit more. As the OP, it is my right and obligation. :grin:

Here are my thoughts for someone who stumbles upon this thread in the future.

Arbies solution - Highly recommended for a machine that uses high current steppers. 20 gauge wires fit very nicely in those terminal posts. Might even be able to fit an 18, but can’t confirm. The cons are, more work obviously, and for my application, the extra space required for side entry of the wires complicates things. I wish I thought of this before I designed the board compartment. Also… No crimping!!!

I got some locking connectors from aliexpress and I have to say I’m not crazy about them. The crimp pins are different from the regular Dupont, so you can’t just pop the pins out of a regular Dupont and slide them into the locking connector. You have to crimp on new pins. I’m using 20 gauge and they aren’t really designed to handle wire of that thickness. Technically, the regular Dupont I got from Amazon aren’t designed for 20 gauge either, but they are easier to “force”. The problem is mainly with the insulation thickness, not the actual wire. I like the silicone insulation because it is very flexible and works well in a crowded drag chain. But, the silicone insulation has a larger diameter and does not work well with the crimp pins.

Anyways… I’d, prefer locking but the regular Dupont do seem to be nice and snug and I haven’t had any problems. Arbies solution is the best if you don’t mind the extra de-soldering/re-soldering work and you have the extra space. No crimping is also a bonus!

The black wires are 22 gauge and the (white, red, yellow black) are 20 gauge. All stepper connectors are regular, non-locking Dupont. No “click” but they are nice and snug and no missed steps yet.

To clarify, the Jackpot boards utilize DuPont Connectors for the stepper and endstop limit switch board side connections or JST_XH style connections?

Attempting to make some breakout boards.


Dupont connectors is what mine use

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