It looks like estlcam doesn't produce trochoidal gcode

I tried to make milling of aluminium. I read this manual and saw the video of estlcam referred on the page.
So I took this model and tried to make gcode for milling 40mm diameter coin using 2mm carbide tool.

[attachment file=71860]

But i found that it looks like estlcam doesn’t generate spiral evolutions during milling (as trochoidaladaptive milling should do).

[attachment file=71861]
What I doing wrong?

3D milling is different from 2-2.5D. You are not adaptive milling you are waterline milling as you have it selected.

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Am i understood right that I can achieve trochoidal miiling with estlcam only with 2D models (DXF, SVG) and can’t get it at all for 3D (STL)?
Or I just did something wrong (as example didn’t enabled and option in estlcam)?

I tried both “free machining” and “block machining” - both don’t work as I expected.
And yes, gcode generated from DXF is as I expected

[attachment file=71867]

Correct as far as I know you can not use trochoiial in 3D.

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I see. thanks
probably it would be good to study and try cam module in fusion 360
it has adaptive milling which seems is replacement of trachoidal
and it has adaptive for 3D

Yea, Christian said it’s only for 2d cuts.