Issues with unsupported areas getting stringy

When I printed the trucks, I had issues with unsupported overhand areas getting stringy. I don’t think it’s a problem. Should I try to repair with glue or trim off anything thats too in the way of other parts?

Also I’m concerned about this happening with the core (the only part I haven’t printed yet). Should I print the core with support or is that overkill (I know it will extend the time by at least 10 hours).

I would hate to have support to clean up on such a huge part. I would also hate to have to print that twice though.

It might be worth doing some test prints, and adjusting the part cooling, or reducing the printing temperature instead. There are some good overhand test stls. It should be able to print close to 45 degrees and jump a 1" gap. At least, that’s about what I expect from “lazy settings”. Any more than that, and I expect to have to spend some serious tuning time.

Ryan designs the parts to not need support (because he prints a bazillion of them, and he doesn’t want to have to clean them off). His printer farm is MP3DPs, which are not top of the line prusa or ultimachine printers. He does know what he’s doing, so he has an advantage, but the idea is that anyone can print these parts without support. He is very good about understanding where the average printer fails, and he’s been doing this for 5 years, so he’s seen a few problem that he has fixed.

For those parts, just trim the loose stuff off, should be fine. Need to figure your your overhangs though. Might just need to up your cooling fan speed.