Issues with a rambo board i could use help with

has anyone had an issue with one channel on the board not working correctly? it is a rambo board. i have switched wire, motors, moved where they are connected, to no avail. one channel on this board doesnt work correctly. is there a way you can assist me. so far everything about your build has been perfect. i have only switched the wires tried diff motors there and basically the only answer is the x1 does not work. thanks for any assisitance.

Is this a full size rambo from Ryan?

Do you have dual endstops or serial wiring?

Did you try connecting the Y1 wire and motor to the X1 port?

X0 or X1, if it is X1 do you have dual firmware or series?

yes it is a full sized rambo from v1. duel end stops. i have changed x1 and y 1 and z1 actally . the port has issues. sometime it moves sometimes it does not. it has had 4 of the 5 motors i have on it and e wired it 3 times.
i am open to try what you need me to.

im sure we will get it straight. has been fun so far and i dont even have it working! my zenxy table works fine. i used a anet a8 board. Issue is that it kinda prints in a corner. i try and make the bed a larger size on marlin and it locks up. very odd. no laughin. Have arduino mega n ramps ordered. i am a bit of an arduino noob.

i did redesign the corners. i sure lots of people do as well. i have a .4 by . 8 hole that goes thru the mpcnc corners that contains a way to tension belts.

while i am here i have an unusual question as well. anyone hung one of these on the wall. you thing the motor would handle it? thought of putting it on the wall adding sides and a front door and a trash can under it.

Try using my previous firmware. Something is funky with some boards and the Extruders=0 in the firmware.

In github look at the “releases” tab.

Crud, I was hoping this was one off issue.

not too comfortable changing that what do we need to do to get this back to you and replaced or repaired?

Probably send Ryan an email. AFAIK, he can’t connect your forum name to your order, but he can in email.

We can walk you through it. It really is not a hard process. It will be a good thing to learn as we update the firmware every few months as CNC specific features are starting to get added on a regular basis.

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James I have some odd emails from you not sure what happened. If you are trying to send it back the address is here, at the bottom.

I just got your board, it has a fairly substantial coating of what looks like spray paint. I can’t read the serial number at all. I can’t do free replacements for physical damage like that. I can try to give a wash in 91% ISO alcohol or something but the paint could very well be what caused the damage, the chips leads are very very close together, conductive, and sensitive.

If you give the go ahead I will try to wash it, flash and test but I am pretty sure the paint is what caused the issue.

The X1 driver you are having issues with is the one that is most heavily coated especially the resistors and capacitors.

well as it turns out , this isn’t amazon. do not order from here, if there is an issue they wont replace your parts. gave me a rambo board and the x1 slot never worked correctly. i did get a little black over spray for something on the board. thsat damn sure would not make it not work. i also saw what appeared to be a cold solder there, and i hit it with a little solder. still did not make the board work. ( the airforce didn’t mind my soldering work when i repaired parts on a f-111ae) so i sent it back here for a replacement. nope cheap *** dude will not replace a board he sold me… do not buy here, get ya parts from amazon. or a dealer with a good rep. the site owner here aint that guy. so i would imagine the ******* will take this down. posted it on about 40 sites so far. there are fun and entertaining things to build here. but the owner would probally **** his own mom out a nickle if he could. so there is my lil story. you will see this posted on several cnc type of places and forums… have a great day , build the mpcnc, change the *** *** corners. i designed ones the hold a belt tensioner adjustable by a screw, ( it is internal inside the new or should i say non shitty corner)
also threw that contraption away he uses to hold the z axis. that cluster **** is a joke. changed it to look like every other cnc machine on the planet , you know the ones without a z axis joke. works way better.

How do you have that kind of time and energy?

Not if you trash it. I have watched Ryan work for years and I can count on one hand the number of times someone has been upset with his service. Usually, people are very happy with his generosity.

As for the rest, you’re grasping at straws, personally attacking, and apparently want a cnc like all the others. Good luck with that.

Maybe, because instead of just explaining the facts, you’re adding your own little “flavor”. I would be pissed enough to take it down, but my guess is he won’t. I have only seen 1-2 posts deleted. Some get closed, but not deleted.

To clarify, even amazon (a $232,900,000,000 in revenue this year) will not return a piece of electronics you paint and solder (you did not mention the scratch you made near the endstop traces). I am sorry if you feel that is unreasonable. I am also sorry if you truly believe that is acceptable to do and expect a full warranty.

You do still have 4 fully functioning drivers and I am willing to help you bypass the the non working one.

I will edit the profanity out of your post but have no issues leaving it up.

And please don’t go spamming other people’s posts. Your definitely going to get banned for that.