Island left in a pocket? and Y jumping

Hey all!

First, I know i’ve been asking a bunch of questions, thank you to all that offer your advice! I greatly appreciate it!

I have two questions today, I had two islands left in the bottom two stripes on this piece (I took the lowest one out) I just double checked my settings in ESTLcam and I had programmed all the stripes at the same time, any idea why this happened, and only on half the stripes? I am not a great woodworker by any means, any tips on removing that island without messing it up? its .100 deep.

Second question, I noticed while it was cutting the piece out, that in the same spot every time, my gantry would “skip” see video below, you can really tell by listening to it, but its loud:

hmm wont let me upload an MP4 file, any ideas? lol

I’ll be no help with the skipping, or why the islands were left, but to clean up the pockets I’d just use a router with a straight bit and clean it up by hand. Do you have a router?

Haha yeah that just dawned on me about 4 minutes ago, I was thinking how would I chisel this out without messing it up, I just put a flat bit in my router and setting plunge depth now lol

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Does it preview in estcam correcty?

No actually, I didn’t see this before but this is what it looks like when I ask to show preview now

That is exactly what you got so
Is there a break in the vector ? Something isn’t right go back and look at the vectors again or hand setup in estlcam better to see what it is so next time it doesn’t bite again. How did the hand fix go? That is just a little cleanup its expected in all projects. Sometimes they become firewood but nobody ever sees those or modern art and everyone sees that but doesn’t understand it or cribbage boards wit groups of 8 holes nobody notices.

no break in the SVG file that i can find, loaded it in inkscape and carbide create too, so odd

Yeah fix went good

I’ll have to rebuild it in estlcam after dinner lol


Does it look ok in estlcam ? Try re making the last 2 strips by themselves and see what happens

so I deleted and remade the bottom two in estlcam, same problem when I preview, I changed it from peel to linear pocket, and it went all the way across, changed both of them back to peel, and the upper of the two now goes all the way across but the bottom one went back to only doing the left end

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I was thinking hand tools too. Then I remembered there is a hand tool for this and it is called a router :).


I would try to email @christian-knuell about it. He used to show uo here and answer questions from time to time, but this looks like a bug to me, so I am sure he would like to know about it.


will do! leave it to me to find a bug! haha


how do I upload a video here to show the skipping? i’ve seen videos on here in other threads im pretty sure

The most common is to upload it to youtube or google photos and put in a link.

got it! lol