Is my Burly Build motor okay? Help needed

Hey everyone, I’m starting to wrap up the hardware portion of the build but I wanted to make sure my motors are okay. Everything is explained in the video. I would greatly appreciate any input I can get.

In a nutshell, with the motors unpowered, pushing them feels very stuttery, making me worry that a motor shaft is bent.

That’s normal if you don’t push them evenly. They make weird noises that sounds as if they were broken. :smile:

The MPCNC in the video is the Burly, so the old version and I don’t know exactly what that video is supposed to show me. :sweat_smile:

Your belt might have too much tension on it. Hard to tell from the video. Also make sure that’s not steel reinforced belt

Belts should not be real tight. I think Ryan mention 7 lbs as the tension, which is not very much. On my machine, if I pluck a belt it makes a low thrum note. BTW, if the notes match when you thrum both belts, the tension will be similar in both belts.

In order to figure out if you have a problem, tighten both belts then push from the middle of the tubing. You should get smooth movement. I think you are getting the skipping because the opposite side is binding.

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Thanks all, I loosened the belts and now it is mostly okay, I just need to fine tune the tension I suppose. Loose belts feels like an alien concept after building 2 Vorons.