Is it possible to cut oblique walls?

Good morning and sorry for my bad english…i’m newbie to MPCNC and relative software…i’m using ESTLCAM and FREECAD .
I would like to cut a piece of MDF …three sides normally at 90° while one with a particular angle (about 52°) using a 3mm ENDMILL (no V because there isn’t with this particolar angle)…i dont know how to made the last one!..I tried to load an STL on ESTLCAM but the proposed path does not carve the beveled corner correctly (and also performs an under and over process that I don’t want).
Can anyone give me a suggestion?


@Fabien answered a similar question for me a while back, you might want to read through the thread Cutting mitered edges

I haven’t tried the solution with Fusion, and the Estlcam solution wasn’t usable for me.

Ty for the answer…

You might be better off cutting it out normally and then post-processing that edge with a wood rasp or sandpaper if it doesn’t need to be that accurate, or a palm router and 45 degree chamfer bit if it does need to be accurate.