Intermediate walk through

I’m using the mpcnc with marlin and tried out to mill both Left and Right parts for LCD controller enclosure. Attached is the Left side picture I have milled today, made out of Teak wood and the process and the results are wonderful. however, have some difficulies to modify the Left part using Estlcam in order to mill the right side. This is probably due to my lack of knowledge and experience.
Could you please share a working gcode for the Right side as well?

Thanks a lot

I don’t think I saved it, If I can find it I will post it but follow the walkthrough, the right side is the same just less steps than the left.

Thanks, I’ll try to use Cambam instead of Estlcam as it looks more stable and at least has the UNDO function.

You can “undo” in estlcam. Use the select tool to select the path, from there you can either edit or delete it.