Inkscape tutorials

Where does everyone get their knowledge of how to use inkscape? The videos i have found on YouTube have been less then steller. They either go too fast ( logos by nick) or they are poorly planned and have a lot of correction by the narrator.

The other trouble is that they aren’t aimed at CAD. Making a poster is great, but how do you make something ready for the cnc? I basically just use it for letters and for converting bitmaps to svg. I know you can do some real number stuff. My friend designed his finished basement in it (why?) but I haven’t figured that much out.

It’s also a huge program, so finding something specific (like how to draw letters) would probably be better than a generic tutorial.

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Yeah i guess i should have been more specific. Im wanting to use inkscape to create the svg file that i will use in fusion 360 to make different sign designs.

I really like Nick Saporito, he does move fast but he explains everything he does. I open inkscape while watching the video, every time he does something I pause the video and go to inkscape and perform the task. I have found dimensional accuracy to vary, autocad uses the center line when I think inkscape uses the outside edge? I know if you change lineweights 10mm can become 10.05mm so beware. As far as logos by nick, he doesn’t exactly show you how to design for cnc but he gives a very good understanding of how the tools work. I wish I knew how to make a video, I really struggled going from autocad to inkscape but once I figured it out it’s pretty simple.


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My most used tools are object to path, shut the fill off, turn the stroke on and set a line weight usually .05mm from there you have an outline with nodes that can be manipulated, added or deleted. My biggest complaint is that offsetting is clumsy.

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