image2gcode only doing outline

I was doing some laser engraving and for some reason the image2gcode is only doing the outline of my object. I have attached the settings I am using, but not sure what would cause it to only do the outline. Any thoughts?

Sorry to bump an old thread, but did you ever get this resolved?

I’m having the same issue with black and white images much like the one in the original post. I’m using image2gcode v1.1 and follwing Jason’s mirror engraving steps (, but it’s only turning the laser on at the edges of the image. For example:

G1 X43.92
G1 X43.74
G1 X43.56
G1 X43.38
G1 X43.2
M106 S213
G1 X43.02
M106 S0
G1 X42.84
G1 X42.66
G1 X42.48
G1 X42.3

As you can see it’s turning the laser on then off almost immediately after, even though it should remain on. It’s as if it only burns the small gradient between white and black in the original image. I have tried converting to .bmp and .png, and fooling around with the brightness/contrast/gamma but nothing works.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m new to playing with image2gcode but I have discovered that if an area is too black then the program produces m106 s0 gcode. I resolved this by INCREASING the gamma, in my case to around 1.5. The edge of your W is likely to be intermediate between white and full black so turns laser on.

i suspect this is something like a variable rollover i.e if an byte then 255 to 0. I’ve had a quick look at the code but as its written in c# I’ve had to divert to learning yet another programming language. What was wrong with Algol60 or Pascal!


You seem to be on to something!

Increasing the gamma and brightness allowed for the image to be completely filled in. However the max power it’s giving the laser is m106 s201 so it’s not producing the desired darkness, which makes sense because the image is more grey. Anyone else know how to produce a “true black” or full power burn with image2gcode?


I am having some of the same troubles and wondered if anyone had found a solution to this?